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Meet Fiona Trent

Fitness Instructor and Student PT

“My goal is to provide fitness and wellbeing in a safe space to those who find a gym intimidating.”


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I have always enjoyed working out and being fit, but I have noticed that gyms are now becoming more and more used by smaller, younger, “fitter” people. I still get intimidated using new gyms. I want to allow people to access fitness in their own homes or safe space – working with them to get the best out of themselves. I have used small equipment and home workouts to get fit and stronger, and I want to bring this to people who can’t or won’t use a gym.

Remember that your client has different needs and goals to you - you are there to work with them, not have them along in your workout. Listen to what they are really saying, not what you think they are saying. Don't under-value your worth in the industry - you will find your niche and people to work with.

Fiona Trent

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