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Meet Emily Young

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

“My goal is to open my own gym with female and male members. The gym will also include studios for group exercise, dance, and yoga classes. My gym will have a vegan cafe, serving the best in plant-based foods and drinks that are nutritionally balanced!”


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Get to know me

I am a vegan mum of 3 young children, and I am really focused on raising them to enjoy a variety of foods, balance school life with play and to enjoy being active. I was overweight growing up, and I developed a really unhealthy relationship with food and would over-exercise in order to drop down to a specific weight.

I now help women to forget about the number on the scale, to focus on how they feel and to become more confident in their own skin. Becoming the strong queens that they are.

I encourage my clients to do strength training at home or in the gym. I show them how to fuel their bodies well and encourage them to enjoy eating their favourite foods throughout. I am not just there for them during their workout or check-in call; they know that I am only a message or call away if they need my support.

My advice for anyone wanting to join this industry is to do it for the right reasons. Yes, making money is obviously important, but so too is helping others and changing lives. People are putting their trust in you to not only help them in achieving their goals but to do so safely and for you to be someone they trust to go to for information and advice. Depending on whether you want to become a PT or Online Coach, I would advise that either way, you should try and get some PT clients first to use your newly learned skills and knowledge, build a client base, earn money and become more confident in your abilities.

Emily Young

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