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Meet Anna Martensson

Qualified PT and fitness instructor, Owner of a self-defence school, Krav Maga instructor

“I’m deeply passionate about empowering people with dynamic self-defence skills, combined with the transformative benefits of Pilates, to enrich their lives with longevity and elevate the overall quality of life. My mission is to cultivate strength, confidence, and holistic health, guiding individuals to lead lives characterized by PERSONAL POWER and vitality.”

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With 14 impactful years at the forefront of Active Krav Maga Ltd. (my Self Defence school), I’ve empowered diverse individuals, from military operatives, Close Protection officers to college students and mums. For me, Krav Maga is more than just self-defence; it’s about elevating life and instilling confidence that transcends into other areas of one’s life.

Growing wiser, I’ve observed a disconnection between people and their bodies, a daily battle. Now armed with a new tool- Pilates, I’m on a mission to guide individuals back to their natural strength, reconnecting them with their core and unlocking their true potential for a resilient and empowered life.

Take it step by step. Learning is a gradual process; remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. Additionally, always keep in mind that it's not about you—it's about your clients. They are more interested in what you can offer them than the appearance of your biceps. Allocate your time wisely across the three essential components of this journey: your training, continuous study to evolve as a better coach, and effective marketing. Balancing these aspects ensures a holistic and successful progression in your fitness and coaching career.

Anna Martensson

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