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How to increase intensity in Pilates

Published on 05 October 2015

As with all safe and effective exercise, Pilates can be adjusted in intensity move by move to suit the participants.

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Flexibility v mobility

Published on 25 August 2015

Flexibility is a muscle allowing a joint to move through a full range of movement and mobility is how a joint moves. But why do we need to keep mobile AND flexible?

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When to move to the next Pilates level

Published on 10 August 2015

Pilates is a training system like no other. You and your body are challenged physically, mentally and internally and without proper technique you are invalidating the benefits. That’s where the key lies. Technique, technique, technique.

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The role of the pelvic floor

Published on 13 July 2015

Pelvic floor is the group of muscles connecting your pubic bone and your tail bone. Both men and women have them and they form a sling under our abdomen to keep the bladder and bowel in place.

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Pilates rehabilitation for rugby players

Published on 05 June 2015

Pilates can greatly improve mobility, flexibility and core strength whilst relieving the stress on the spine and joints from intense physical exertion.

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The relation of dance to the flow of Pilates

Published on 07 May 2015

Pilates principles are important in setting the atmosphere, with flow helping to determine the pace and overall intensity of the class. When we devise a class or sequence the aim should be to create a seamless flow where participants are guided to move with grace and ease.

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Pilates for blind or partially sighted clients

Published on 22 April 2015

It could be easy to dismiss Pilates as an activity for someone with a sight disability, but given correct support and guidance, it can invoke confidence.

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Marketing your Pilates classes

Published on 07 April 2015

So, you’re qualified, you’re insured, and you’ve hired a local hall. You’re ready, except for one thing. Marketing! Unless you want to stand in your hired hall on your own, you need people to know you are there.

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Adapting the Side Kick to create a toning series

Published on 21 January 2015

Pilates is still on the rise, with more classes included on fitness timetables and more instructors becoming qualified. So how do you set yourself apart?

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Kyphosis & Lordosis teaching tips

Published on 16 October 2014

A well balanced exercise programme can help strengthen and mobilise the body and increase range of movement around a joint.

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