Putting together a 12 week Pilates session plan

When putting together a plan there are certain elements to consider, which include a warm-up, main session and cool down. What should each element include?

School Of Pilates Posted Aug 22, 2016 Future Fit Training

Warm up

  • Remember to include all spinal joint actions.  Lateral flexion, rotation, flexion and extension.
  • Include repetitions for each exercise
  • Ensure progressions is shown through any of the following: repetitions, range of movement, lever length or speed of movement

Main session

  • Consider all planes of movement and all spinal joint actions.
  • Consider flow and transition

An example class plan that covers all the elements could be:

Spine Twist

Roll up


Shoulder bridge

Side bend

Swan Dive

Side bend

Rolling back

One leg circle

Transverse plane, rotation

Sagittal plane, extension

Sagittal plane, flexion

Sagittal plane, extension

Frontal plane, lateral flexion

Sagittal plane, extension

Frontal plane, lateral flexion

Sagittal plane, flexion

All planes, circumduction


  •  Ensure no more than 4 release stretches are used within the main session so that the flow is not compromised

Cool down

  • Include stretches that stretch the areas worked throughout the main session.  For example, if a Push up has been performed, ensure a chest stretch is included
  • Indicate which stretches are developmental and which are maintenance and include the relevant timings for each
  • Stretches cannot be progressed in terms of time, so consider increased ROM and putting two stretches together to show progression. Example: kneeling hip flexor stretch with chest stretch

Happy planning!