Tina Short

"My greatest achievement in fitness is that I performed for the King of Sweden in Seoul during the 1988 Olympic Games and when I lived in Greece I was asked to join a top aerobics team to represent Greece in a major aerobics competition."
"The best piece of advice I've received is that "You’ll never be able to please everyone!” It has taken me a long time to accept this, but it is so true!"

Tina’s first introduction to fitness was from a Jane Fonda book and cassette which was a Christmas present – from that day forward she was hooked! She worked for 10 years as a professional dancer and fitness seemed the obvious direction to follow. Having passed her Exercise to Music qualification Tina joined the fitness industry and she now works as a freelance instructor teaching a wide range of disciplines. 

Experience and expertise

  • Over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry
  • Qualified in Exercise to Music and as a personal trainer
  • Sports massage therapist
  • Mat work Pilates, Hatha yoga, shallow and deep aqua
  • Tina teaches all levels of Pilates courses and has worked as a tutor for Future Fit Training since 2010

What are your specialist areas?

My specialist area is Pilates. I feel that I can connect really well with the method as it is a perfect complement to the many years of ballet training that I’ve enjoyed. I also think that Pilates and yoga, both unique in their own rights, complement each other perfectly.  Pilates gives the core strength to hold yoga poses and yoga gives the flexibility to perform many of the Pilates exercises.

What is your ethos?

When I attend a class I don’t mind if the instructor is not an Olympian. What I look for is someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about the class they are teaching - and I want to feel that I am in capable hands. All of these ingredients are vital to me and if they are present, I will go back again and again. I like to keep my classes fresh and innovative. I live in fear of overhearing a client say “She does the same thing all the time!” 

Tell us something personal about yourself

Since my marriage in a Greek Orthodox Church, one of my favourite movies has to be My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  I love comedy and my favourite comedians are Lee Evans, David McIntyre, Alan Carr and Keith Lemon.  I love music too and my favourite artists are Beyonce, Elton John, Gary Barlow and Anna Vissi.