Mark Sippitt

Why did you pick Future Fit Training?

When I first started to embark on a possible career in Fitness I spoke to a friend who had studied through Future Fit and he had great praise for the Training Courses that he had undertaken.  I subsequently requested a Prospectus and the level of detail was second to none detailing everything I needed to know and the route I wanted to take - the Full Immersive Diploma.  Having also researched similar providers online and compared, without a doubt Future Fit stood out.

What have you enjoyed about the Course?

All Practical Workshops have been immensely enjoyable. The camaraderie you build up with your fellow Students as you are all there to reach the same goal and assist each other.  The Workshops can be challenging as you progress but when that Pass comes through it's a great feeling.  It was also a great experience to meet the Tutors who were always engaging, professional and to listen to their own journey through the Fitness Industry was insightful. 

I also very much enjoyed the Exercise Referral for Health Management Course, the sheer detail of information available such as the implications of exercising with certain medications, writing the Case Study and the sheer realization of the number of people you could assist on qualifying.

What was our Service like?

From the first telephone conversation, the service I received from Future Fit has been exemplary. The Student Support Team are always very helpful no matter the level of query.  E-Mails are always answered very quickly and when I had questions relating to the Case Studies the Tutors were always very helpful and provided the necessary guidance. Thank You.

How have these Courses set you up for a future career and what are you now working on in the Industry?

My niche market is tailored towards Health Coaching which includes behavioural coaching, physical activity and nutrition for the over 40s as there is a large demographic in my area and as I am 51 I can relate to them. This is where I would like to utilise my Exercise Referral for Health Management and Level 4 Lower Back Pain Specialism more in helping them improve their ADL combined with sound nutritional advice.

I also run a number of Circuit Classes locally which have proved exceptionally popular. I have managed to build up a large portfolio of Exercises, including Callisthenics, Resistance Bands, Resistance Weights, Medicine Balls and I attempt to incorporate as many functional exercises as possible to mimic day to day activities.  By encouraging feedback at the end of each class has allowed me to meet the participants' expectations and they enjoy the variety of each Class which has led to large client retention.

One sedentary Client, I ran several one to one training sessions with noticed a big change in his level of daily activities.  His response to me was - “This has changed my life".  Future Fit have given me the tools and education to accomplish this, not just through the clients physical training but also through his behavioural change.

Would you recommend studying through Future Fit?

I would thoroughly recommend Future Fit as the vast arrange of courses on offer are geared towards anyone starting on a Fitness Qualification.  The depth of information provided in the Course Handouts and blended E-Learning modules is very rich. The ability to study at your own pace via the online modules so it can easily be fitted into our busy lives.  The inclusion of practical workshops rather than just online as in some other providers allows you to put the theoretical skills into practice making you a better Fitness Professional.   

What is your top Student Tip

When studying, pack your Laptop / Tablet and Papers as you would your Gym Bag. Escape to somewhere different other than Home; a Library or a Coffee Shop and completely immerse yourself in your learning, do further research.  Make time and It will reap rewards.