Personal Training Careers

The knowledge & qualifications gained with Future Fit Training courses opens doors to many personal training careers in fitness & health. Book your course now.

Personal Training Careers with Future Fit TrainingBeing a personal trainer is a job like no other: it’s rewarding, satisfying, and never, ever boring!

As more and more people seek to reap the amazing benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, personal trainers and fitness instructors are in ever-growing demand.

“It’s so great to see Future Fit Training raising the standards of Personal Training qualifications! If you want to be the best you have to train with the best.”
- Charlotte Ord, Personal Trainer of the Year 2014, Future Fit Graduate

Take a look at some of the career opportunities open to you as a qualified Personal Trainer.

For example, you can:

  • Set up your own business – and go on to employ other personal trainers
  • Take up employment in a gym
  • Work helping to rehabilitate people who have suffered injury or illness
  • Become Level 4 specialist
  • Get into club management
  • Become a strength and conditioning coach
  • Teach your own classes
  • Become a professional tutor

How much will I earn?

As with any other job, income for personal trainers varies according to geographical location, and to skills and experience. Personal trainers are typically paid by the hour for each session with a client, and earnings range between £30 and £100 an hour.

If you are a newly qualified personal trainer then your earning potential is significantly higher than that of a fitness instructor.

As with any job, to maximise your potential as a personal trainer, it is a good idea to continue to expand your knowledge, and to branch out into specialist areas. Many clients will want advice about nutrition and weight management, for example, and if they’re into sports, then sports nutrition will no doubt be an important topic.

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