Graham Tuff

Experience & Expertise

My initial qualifications and employment were in engineering, however I found a great interest in our physical engineering and the amazing machine the human body is. I enjoy studying our own mechanics and potential for improvement.

I joined the fitness industry to learn more for myself and improve my own skills, as well as help others along the path to understanding their bodies and unlocking their potential.  

Outside of my work with Future Fit, I have my own PT studio and work in my local community as a PT and instruct sessions in Nordic Walking, Pilates and Circuits.

What is your Ethos?

My ethos is that you cannot force people to be healthy and fit, it must be through understanding, support and smart goals.

Tell us something about yourself

In my spare time, I enjoy walking and cycling our coastline and countryside with my wife and our Alaskan Malamute ‘Loki’, as we are only minutes from a beautiful sandy beach and rural countryside lanes.  I love visiting Europe but definitely have a soft spot for the Loire Valley and Mediterranean coast.