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Sugar is the New Fat

Published on 20 December 2016

A wealth of evidence suggests that sugar and refined carbohydrates are potentially the primary culprits in the obesity epidemic & related health issues.

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How to avoid overeating at buffets

Published on 12 December 2016

Having worked with athletes, Nutritionists shared what they've learnt at the British Dietetics Association Sports and Exercise Nutrition showcase (1)

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Learn how to influence positive change

Published on 05 December 2016

Our Motivational Communication masterclass teaches how to influence positive change in your clients with motivational behaviour change techniques.

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Smoothie, squash or juice?

Published on 08 November 2016

With a range of fruit and vegetable drinks, squashes and flavoured waters available there is considerable confusion as to whether they are good for you.

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The Gut & Gut Bacteria

Published on 26 October 2016

When most people talk about digestion of the food we eat, they talk about the chemical and mechanical breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

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Detox Teas - are they truly transformative?

Published on 06 October 2016

As a nutritional advisor you will be surprised at how often you are asked about detox and detox teas.

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20% of UK affected by IBS

Published on 08 September 2016

It's possible for anyone at any age to develop the condition. However women are more likely than men to develop it with symptom onset from 20-30 yrs old.

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Britain's favourite drink - the cup of tea

Published on 07 September 2016

Time for tea: everyone loves a cuppa, but nutritionally speaking which is the best?

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Government’s Childhood Obesity Strategy

Published on 24 August 2016

The Government’s long awaited strategy on childhood obesity was published on Thursday to a largely critical response.

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Losing weight but maintain & build muscle

Published on 12 August 2016

The good news is the answer is relatively simple. You can maintain and build muscle while losing weight. Get lean and build muscle simultaneously.

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