Tilly Spurr

Initially studying Biological Sciences and Agriculture at the University of Edinburgh, Tilly went on to study Medical Nutrition at University of Surrey and is currently an Associate Lecturer and Doctoral Student in Sports and Exercise Science at Chichester.

I am interested in how all aspects of our nutrition and food behaviour impact performance, not just on the sports field but in our work and daily lives. My PhD is in childhood and adolescent nutrition and I have spent a lot of time working in schools and sports academies looking at diet and physical activity measures.  I also work one-to-one with elite athletes and business executives and am an experienced dietary analyst.

I believe we have evolved over thousands of years to make the most of our environment and that the types of food we eat do not just fuel our movement but also power, guide and instruct all body processes, from influencing gene expression to controlling the quality of our sleep. Research over the last decade increasingly shows that what you eat and when you eat it can both damage and enhance your overall performance, impacting social interaction, mood and memory as well as growth, fitness and long-term health.

I love teaching and translating the latest science led ideas on diet and nutrition into workable everyday solutions. When not working I live in West Sussex in a house full of children, sports equipment and noise.