Oliver Karger

"I wanted to be associated with a company that I could not only trust, but one which also had a high level of quality content within their courses."

Where did your initial interest in fitness and nutrition come from?

My earliest memory of fitness was joining my dad on his weekend runs at the age of 10, where I would try to keep up with him for as long as possible as he completed laps of our local path. However, I can say that my initial conscious entry into the world of fitness was during my first year at university when I wanted to stay fit and keep my sanity between studying for exams at the end of the year! Whilst living in Sydney Australia after university, I noticed the large number of people who pursued a healthy lifestyle and were recreational 'athletes'. Seeing this inspired me to study in Sydney and qualify as a Personal Trainer.

I worked in a variety of gyms and studios over the next few years before deciding to return to university to gain a masters degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology in 2004. I then began coaching football in the USA for two years before returning to the UK, where I continued to work in football for a number of years as a coach and performance analyst whilst also staying in the personal training arena. I eventually started working for myself as a trainer combining all aspects of my experience to work with a wide variety of clients ranging from professional athletes, overweight adults and children to teaching PE in primary schools.

Why the Future Fit School of Nutrition?

As a personal trainer, nutrition is an integral part of working with my clients and I found that Future Fit's Nutrition Diploma was perfectly designed for me to work in greater depth with them. In addition to helping me work with clients, the diploma provided useful information on sports nutrition which I was able to apply to my own training for marathons and triathlons and also use with the football teams that I coach.

My current role

Since completing my Nutrition Diploma I have been able to provide my clients (and colleagues!) with a greater depth of knowledge in the world of nutrition whilst also working in California on America's top weight loss program, where I dealt with an obese population ranging from 8 years of age to adults and families. After initially holding a position as a personal trainer I changed role, moving into the clinical and therapeutic side and working as a Behavioural Coach.

My future

My future plans are to continue to work specifically with obese individuals in both a physical and clinical environment whilst also having the opportunity to educate children on healthy eating and the pursuit of an active lifestyle.