Choosing the right nutrition course

How to choose the right training provider for you. Future Fit Training give you key questions you should be asking all training providers.

Before you decide who to study with asking yourself the following questions:

Does the course lead to a recognised nutrition qualification?

nutrition courseA recognised qualification will be accredited by an independent awarding body such as CYQ or VTCT and will be listed on the register of regulated qualifications held by Ofqual.

Be wary of companies who set up their own awarding bodies that are not regulated by Ofqual and who issue their own certificates i.e. not through an awarding body. The lack of regulation means these courses can be sold cheaper than regulated qualifications as the courses do not have to meet any standards. It is important to note that these courses may not be recognised by employers or universities/colleges should you decide to study further. You may also struggle to get insurance to practice professionally.

Our Nutrition and Weight Management course (the foundation of both our diplomas) is a VTCT qualification and on completion, you will receive a VTCT certificate and will be able to get insurance to practice as a nutrition adviser.

Do you offer certified Nutrition Courses?

Certified nutrition courses indicate that the course content has been independently assessed as being high quality and evidence-based.

All Future Fit School of Nutrition courses is certified by the Association for Nutrition, an independent body that regulates nutrition professionals in the UK. You can view our course listing here.

What format will the course be in?

Many courses advertised as ‘on-line’ are basic PowerPoint presentations or worse, PDF documents. At Future Fit we do things differently. Did you have a favourite teacher at school – someone who sparked your enthusiasm, brought the subject to life and most importantly, made it fun? Well, our online courses have been expertly designed to be just like your favourite teacher. Click here to try one of our course demos.

In addition, all our courses are supported by our team of degree-qualified nutritionists and dietitians. They are always on hand to answer any questions, talk you through the tricky bits or just give you some words of encouragement.

What does the course claim I can do and is this accurate?

Although many companies claim you can become a nutritionist by studying their course it is important to note that you won’t be able to join the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) unless you complete an approved degree level course at a University.

For this reason, we do not promote our courses as nutritionist courses. Instead for those looking to start their career in nutrition, without going down the university route, Future Fit Training offer a regulated level 3 nutrition qualification, that adequately equips you to deal with a wide range of clients. 

On completion of our nutrition diplomas, our graduates are fully equipped to work as a nutrition adviser and will be able to gain insurance to practice professionally.

How will I be assessed?

Although it might be tempting to choose a course with a simple multiple choice exam at the end you should consider whether you will really feel equipped to practice nutrition professionally after such a basic assessment.

Our Nutrition and Weight Management course is assessed through a series of short questions and an in-depth case study, which a tutor will give you detailed feedback on. This is to ensure you understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of giving nutrition advice and gives you valuable experience of working with a client.

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