PT Skills Gap Programme

Learn how to excel in your Personal Training Career with the PT Skills Gap Programme - increase profits, produce satisfied clients & build your business

PT Skills Gap Programme

Included Course: PT Skills Gap Programme

Learn how to excel in business and improve your Personal Training career potential

These 2 online elearning courses are worth a total of 22 REPs CPD points

Combine two powerful online courses to expand your business skills and learn how to produce satisfied clients through behaviour change coaching

Boost Your Personal Training Career

Take your personal training career to the top with the Future Fit Training unique PT Skills Gap Programme. This fascinating course delivers essential knowledge that will enable you to excel as a personal trainer and improve your career in every sense:

  • Produce satisfied clients through 'Behaviour Change Coaching'
    Deliver measurable results through the 'Formula 4 Change System' to facilitate positive changes and satisfied clients.* Find out more about Behaviour Change Coaching.
  • Maximise your profits through 'Building your Fitness Business'
    Develop your own strong brand and profitable business through harnessing the marketing mix and your unique selling points.* Find out more about Building your Fitness Business.

Through extensive research in conjunction with ukactive, we identified that knowledge and skills in the above areas are often lacking according to leading fitness industry employers, as highlighted in our Raising the Bar report.

Our mission is to produce elite and successful personal trainers, and we consider this knowledge and skillset to be essential components of every personal trainer's education. The PT Skills Gap Programme now makes it possible for personal trainers who have graduated from other training providers to realise their full potential and make the leap.

*These course components are included in our Future Fit Personal Training Diplomas or can be taken separately by graduates from other training providers.


Meet Katie Bulmer-Cooke - Our PT Skills Gap Champion

Katie Bulmer-Cooke Ambassador for Future Fit Training PT Skills Gap


As an award winning Personal Trainer, Katie knows how to excel in the personal training industry in every sense, and recognises the value of the PT Skills Gap Programme.

Katie has studied the PT Skills Gap Programme and commented:

“The industry is crying out for courses like this because, unfortunately, the current skills gaps mean that fantastic trainers are not being successful or enjoying the PT career they had hoped for.”


Katie's Awards and Accolades

  • North East Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs 2015
  • BBC1’s The Apprentice Candidate 2014
  • UK Fitness Professional of the Year 2013
  • UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2012

This course is a recipe for longevity and success for any professional personal trainer and Katie is only too happy to help Future Fit Training bridge the skills gap.

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