Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention

Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention Course. 10 CIMSPA CPD/16 REPs Points. AfN Certified. Association for Nutrition. Leading Nutrition Training Course

Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention

Included Course: Childhood Nutrition & Obesity Prevention

Expand your knowledge as a Nutrition Adviser

This online e-learning course is worth 10 CIMSPA CPD / 16 REPs CPD points

Good nutrition is essential to give a child the best possible start in life, and to prevent a range of serious health conditions. This Association for Nutrition certified interactive e-learning course covers the varying dietary requirements of children, from birth through to adolescence.

The course also deals extensively with the issue of childhood obesity and how this can be prevented and managed. Currently in the UK, roughly one in three children leave primary school either overweight or obese. Understanding why children become overweight, and being able to design effective, evidence-based programmes that target these causes is key in reversing this trend.

Association for Nutrition CIMSPA Endorsed REPS 16 CPD points
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There are no prerequisites for this course.


An interactive e-learning course.


  • Consequences of poor nutrition during childhood
  • Influences on a child’s diet
  • Dietary requirements from infancy through to adolescence
  • Encouraging physical activity in children
  • Understanding appropriate portion sizes
  • Nutrition concerns such as allergies, dental health and eating disorders
  • Causes, prevention and management of childhood obesity
  • Steps to developing a weight management intervention for families
  • Working with children

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Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention

An online exam at the end of the course to test your understanding.

On successful completion of the course you will receive a Future Fit certificate featuring the Association for Nutrition logo. If you are registered with REPs and hold a certificate in children's fitness you are eligible for 16 REPs CPD points. If you are CIMSPA registered, you will also receive 10 CIMSPA CPD points.