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COVID-19 Attending Workshops & Assessments

COVID - 19 Update

For the most up to date information on self-isolation guidance, please refer to the following Government websites:

This guidance applies to England only –

This guidance applies to Scotland only –

This guidance applies to Wales only –

personal training studio

Practical Workshop Equipment

  • Bring your own full water bottle(s). Be aware water fountains may not be in use.
  • Gym Instructor, Circuit Training and PT Programming and Coaching workshops – please bring your own exercise mat.
  • For practical assessments, please ensure you bring your exercise mats.
  • Please do not bring towels into the venue – use paper towels and dispose of them.
  • Some venues are not allowing bags to be brought in so please travel light and bring the minimum you need to. Please arrive dressed in your sportswear as changing rooms may not be available.