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Future Fit Traning

Complaints Policy

Complaints and Constructive Feedback Policy

We strive to give you the highest standards of educational and customer service, but we understand
that sometimes things do not always go to plan. If this happens, we want you to tell us so that we
can continually improve our service and address any problems at there source.

As soon as we are made aware, we will do our very best to put things right, as quickly as possible
and to your satisfaction.

In the first instance, our Learner Services Team are here to assist you and will endeavour to resolve
any issue(s) as soon as they have been alerted.

Complaints and Constructive Feedback Procedure

If for any reason our Learner Services Team are unable to resolve the situation, then there is an
established complaints procedure in place.

The procedure is as follows:

• Following your correspondence with the Learner Services Team, they will send you an email
to advise on how to send your complaint in writing to be reviewed. If a written account has
already been received, you will be sent an email confirming this has been passed on to be

• Your complaint will then be investigated internally within the relevant areas of Future Fit
Training and we will respond in writing within 14 working days. In the unlikely event that our
investigations are still ongoing after 14 days, we will inform you of our progress and ensure
that you are kept up to date.

• Once we have fully investigated your complaint, we will present our findings along with any
options available to you.

• If we are unable to reach an agreed resolution your complaint will be escalated to confirm if
there are any other options to consider. If no further options are available or cannot be
agreed upon by both parties then a Final Position Letter will be sent confirming our final
position on the matter. We will have 14 working days to ensure that all options have been
explored before responding or/and providing a Final Position Letter.

If you have any questions regarding our Complaints and Constructive Feedback Policy or/and
the procedure, then please contact our Learner Services Team on 01329 823400 followed by option 1