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Why Become A Personal Trainer?

Get Paid To Do What You Love. “It doesn’t feel like work” is one of the most common quotes you’ll hear from a personal trainer. You’ve clearly got a passion for exercise and fitness and want to learn as much as you can about it. Why not earn money for sharing that knowledge?

Be Your Own Boss. Most PT positions are self-employed, even if you operate under a franchise or established brand. That means you get to set your own working hours, choose your clients and control your own growth. The sky’s the limit so bring out the entrepreneur in you!

The Demand Is There – Part 1. The increase in overweight, obesity, diabetes and many more health concerns shows no signs of slowing down so there’s more need than ever for qualified professionals to help the world to fight back.

The Demand Is There – Part 2. People are becoming more educated about the benefits of physical activity and the ‘prevention is better than cure’ message means more and more people are seeking to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Be the ‘go to’ person for those in your area.

Ultimate Job Satisfaction. Whether it’s fitting into a wedding dress, lowering blood pressure or smashing a marathon personal best time, you play a key part in helping people to achieve their personal goals. So not only do you get paid for your passion, you literally help people to change their lives for the better by improving their physical and emotional well being. How many people can say that?

The Average Salary Is £25,000. You can start with £15,000/ year for a new graduate without working experience and up to £40,000 for someone with many years of expertise. The hourly rate can go from £20 to £100/ hour.

Getting Qualified Is Affordable. Personal training courses are of different sizes and lengths. It’s up to you to choose those that fit around your life.

You’ll Love The Relationship With Your Clients. Working closely with people of all ages and genders can be very satisfying for your mental health. Most PTs make friends with their clients through out life and keep friendships last even after their classes are finished.

You Actually Make Positive Changes In People’s Lives. By providing guidance, motivation, knowledge and support to your clients, you can achieve incredible results. What is more rewarding than achieving a big challenge?