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The Fitness Index: The Trends, Brands and Influencers

Who are the biggest brands in the fitness game and how do they stack up against one another? Which are the trends and workout we can't get enough of and how do these change around the world? We've put together the fitness index to help answer all of these questions.

In our eagerly anticipated report ‘The Fitness Index’, we’ve researched the movers and shakers, the ones to watch and trends just over the horizon.

Curiosity killed the cat. Or did it? Us humans, we’re curious beings at heart and with fitness firmly on the agenda as the key to long-term health and all-round elixir, we all want to know who we should be following and what we should be doing.


In our eagerly anticipated report ‘The Fitness Index we’ve researched the movers and shakers, the ones to watch and the trends just over the horizon. We’ve scanned the biggest brands from across the globe, the most searched exercises, classes and the influencers driving the agenda. So, whether you are an enthusiast or professional the data is clear; fitness is one of 2020’s hottest topics.



Popular fitness trends

The key takeouts? There are some surprises. Like biohacking… the most popular fitness trend of 2020(biohacking- essentially extreme wellness, using your body as a science experiment). Yoga, the favourite form of fitness across the globe, topping the chart in 78 countries and Pilates, the UK’s favourite workout.There are of course results that raise fewer eyebrows, such as Nike being revealed as the worlds biggest fitness brand or Adidas coming a close second.


Graph to show change in search interest


Powerful fitness influencers


In terms of powerful fitness influencers, Michelle Lewin topped the charts with a huge 14,096,082 follower base and Stephanie Buttermore is on the top of our ‘ones to watch’ list. The former cancer research scientist turn social media influencer now focuses on a strict body building regime and has more than doubled her Google presence.


So, what does this all mean? For one, it means that there’s room for newness and nuance in the sphere of health and fitness, it’s by no means a saturated market. Biohacking’s search success is from a low base, but like Veganism of 5 years ago it’s likely to be a trend which develops and becomes mainstream. Classes such as Crossfit, HIIT and Zumba maybe ‘down’ in absolute search terms being the new kids of the last few years, but they are by no means out. Instead they are simply ubiquitous and need less explanation. What will be interesting to see is whether the influencers of today and tomorrow drive the change in the fitness scene, classes and overall health and wellbeing, and of course, whether they make the likes of biohacking, barre and calisthenics the cats pyjamas of 2021.


Michelle Lewin

Image Credit: Michelle Lewin. Michelle is a fitness model, bodybuilder and social media influencer.



To reveal more key insights and facts in the world of health and fitness read The Fitness Index.

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