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Student Success Story: Rebekah Macdonald “Pilot to PT”

Following your passion for fitness and wellness into a career can be one of the most rewarding steps you can take and one that has led our students to hitting new heights in their career roles.

Meet Rebekah Macdonald, a recent graduate of Future Fit. After initially training as a pilot, she has grown a thriving community of women on her island in Scotland through her successful personal training business, RM Fitness.


“Walking away from the cockpit for the last time and swapping it for dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells, I knew I was making the right decision. Pursuing a career in fitness, I knew that my training had to be of the highest standard. After spending a few weeks researching training providers, I applied to Future Fit, hoping they would take me on. As a recent graduate, I can honestly say that I gained invaluable knowledge. I have confidence knowing that my training with Future Fit was delivered at an exceptional standard.”


Read on to learn more about her story of turning your passion for fitness into a career and growing a successful business online to improve the fitness and wellness of your community.

Midshot of Rebekah sitting down reaching over a dumbbell

My Fitness Story and Experience with Future Fit


Growing up, I always had my heart set on becoming a pilot. It was what I worked towards. It was what I was training for. However, I was also working towards something more important at the same time, towards my own health and happiness. I found a love for all things fitness. My whole lifestyle changed, I was able to transform my body and mindset entirely, and I knew that I wanted to help others do the same. I chose Future Fit as the flexibility of the training stood out to me. I was able to work full time, all whilst studying for my dream job. The mix between e-learning and practical workshops made my training experience enjoyable and stress-free. Spreading the training out over the course of almost two years allowed me to plan what I wanted to do once I was qualified and how I wanted to shape my PT business. It also meant I could study to ensure I fully understood all of the information and consolidate my learning.



I launched RM Fitness in April, intending to do it alongside my full-time job with the local authority. I had always planned on doing face-to-face PT, but with the restrictions of a global pandemic, I decided to take my personal training online. Living on a small island in the Northwest of Scotland, I wasn’t sure how it would work out or if anyone would be interested in signing up. To my utter surprise, the business took off immediately, and I pursued online coaching full-time. I now have a thriving online business with local clients and clients hundreds of miles away, a recently launched Bootcamp. I’ve built an incredible all-female community that supports, encourages, and motivates one another.

My Advice for Future Students

My advice to anyone in the fitness industry is to go after your goals, work hard, grab opportunities when they come knocking at your door and let your passion drive you. If there’s one thing that we have learned over the past year, we can’t control what’s happening in the world around us. Still, we can control the way we respond to it. We do this by making the most of every situation, grabbing every opportunity to succeed and better ourselves, and realising that change, although uncomfortable at times, often leads to the best outcome.


Check out Rebekah’s Instagram page here to learn more about RM fitness and her coaching story: @rebekahmacdonaldpt


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