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Pilates on the Go

We all get busy, it’s a given in modern life. We run from dropping the kids off to working our 9-5 job, preparing dinner, cleaning the house – what more can you squeeze in? At the end of the day, you’ve actually been left with little for yourself! Your body will be crying out for more than just sitting in a car or at a desk.

Even 5 or 15 minutes in the morning before you run out the door will do your body and mind good! Consistency is also key, as you will reap the benefits faster the more you do the exercises.

The reason why Pilates is so effective for busy people is due to its combination of using the breath with deep abdominal work. It creates a relaxing feeling in the body while you are still getting a workout. This can set the pace for your day or help you deal with stress in the middle of your day (like on your lunch break).

When you dedicate some time for Pilates in your busy life, you will see improvements in your posture and even performance at work. Pilates helps to correct poor postural patterns which occur often from sedentary desk jobs where the spine and shoulders round forward. When you fix these habitual patterns, it can reduce neck and shoulder pain as well as headaches. Additionally, you will feel a confidence boost when you feel stronger in your body, which is always a good situation in a work environment.

How To Do a Quick Pilates Workout

The Series of Five

This sequence of five exercises is a quick abdominal workout that can be done in 5 minutes! It is an essential part of any “on-the-go” Pilates workout. These exercises are performed lying down on the back and make a great quick cardio workout when performed in sequence without breaks. These infamous exercises are known for creating core stability by connecting the upper and lower halves of the body.

These five Pilates exercises include:

  1. The Single Leg Stretch: one knee in and out
  2. The Double Leg Stretch: both legs and arms in and out
  3. The Single Straight Leg Stretch: legs scissor
  4. The Double Straight Leg Stretch: both legs lower and lift together
  5. The Criss Cross: bicycle crunches

Remember, though, what matters the most in Pilates is the effort! Work mindfully to see the best results and don’t let your busy lifestyle make you rush through your workout.

Work on the Breath

If you’re really strapped for time, at the very least take a few moments to cultivate your breath. You can do this seated anywhere, at any time. It will be stress relieving because deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system. At the same time, you can activate your abdominal muscles while breathing which can tone your abdomen and even stimulate digestion.

How To Do Pilates Breathing

Take a deep cleansing breath before you begin. Take another a deep inhalation, and as you exhale, begin to lift the navel inward and upward by hollowing the belly muscles. Try to maintain this abdominal lift on your following inhalation instead of letting the belly muscles puff outward. Maintain deep breath by continuing to breathe fully into the lungs, feeling the rib cage and chest expand with air each time you inhale, even as the belly draws inward.

Complete your Level 3 Pilates Diploma with us starting at your pace to learn how to teach these exercises to busy people and deepen your own Pilates practice.