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Pilates home workouts – maintain your practice during COVID-19

As the coronavirus continues to spread, it is vital to look after your physical and mental health and remain active! Life as we know it is changing, but that does not mean everything should come to an end. It means that we need to adapt and move with the changes in order to protect our wellbeing.

Maintain your motivation


It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and worried in these uncertain times and continuing with regular Pilates workouts will make you feel good, boost motivation and safeguard mental health. Don’t stop your Pilates practice, just change your routine! Whatever you do in your regular Pilates class, you can do in the comfort of your own home. Why not light some candles, play some relaxing music and roll out your mat.

A rejuvenating Pilates workout

Start by preparing your body and mind for Pilates, setting up your body into a neutral position and committing to applying your full attention and focus to the workout at hand.

To begin, mobilise the joints. Here are a few ideas to get your body ready for the main phase:

  • Arm circles
  • Spine rotation
  • Side bend
  • Squats with balance
  • Roll downs

Pilates exercises to do at home

The One Hundred

This exercise will enhance circulation and develop core strength.

Lie in a supine position with a neutral spine. Engage the core and breath laterally into the rib cage. As you exhale, float one leg up to a Tabletop position. On the next exhale, slide the lower ribs to the hips and lengthen through the lumbar curve; lift the second leg. On the next exhale, lift the head and shoulders and float the arms from the floor and hold this position. Start to pump the arms moving from the shoulder joint inhale = 5 pumps of the arms, exhale = 5 pumps of the arms.

Side Kick

This exercise is great for core strength.

Lie on your side with a neutral spine, shoulders and hips are stacked, bottom arm long and palm open, supporting arm in front. Engage through the core as you inhale and sweep the top leg forward under control, flexing at the hip. Exhale and bring the leg back into alignment.

The Shoulder Bridge

Great for mobilising through the spine.

Lie supine, from a neutral position exhale and peel the spine from the mat, one vertebrae at a time. Form a bridge or a ski slope position at the top of the movement. Inhale and return the spine slowly back down to the mat, articulating the vertebrae.


Finish with some stretching to increase range of movement and flexibility focused on a full body approach, followed by a short well-deserved relaxation phase.