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17 nutrition events in the UK to attend in 2023

Nutrition is an important aspect of health and development. Every year, there are multiple nutrition events to share information about general wellness, healthy eating, physical activity, and sickness prevention. Whether you are a registered nutritionist or a prospective one, these events allow you to network and build your professional circle.

If you want to know the different nutrition events that occur throughout the year, keep reading.

This article will discuss over 15 nutrition events in different cities in the country, providing their date, venue, and costs. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

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1. International Conference in Nutrition and Growth

Date:  30th March – 1st April 2023

Venue: Excel London, London, UK

Price: From £215

The N&G conference 2023 will discuss the connection between nutrition and growth in paediatrics. It is an opportunity for professionals in the field of nutrition to discuss new research, share ideas, uncover new knowledge, and collaborate. This year’s conference will be the 10th anniversary of the Nutrition and Growth conference, which will take place in the heart of London.

Abstracts for this year’s conference are still open, and there are several abstract topics to choose from. The registration costs differ as students, trainees and fellow costs start from £215 while nurses and dieticians start from £365.


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2. International Conference on Food Science and Nutrition

Date: 25th -26th August 2023

Venue: London, UK

Price: From $449

This conference’s theme is the current innovative research trends in diet with the best nutritional values. This conference will be held in person and virtually and will feature multiple sessions covering different food science and nutrition-related topics. The main aim of this conference is to spread awareness about nutrition and its impact on health challenges. Currently, the organisers are accepting abstracts relative to the conference’s theme.

There will be multiple delegates and exhibitors, and the ticket costs to be a delegate or speaker starts from $449. This conference is a good opportunity to interact with Food Science & Nutrition experts, build a network and share research updates.

3. Mac-Nutrition LIVE 2023

Date: 18th November 2023

Venue: East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK

The Mac-Nutrition LIVE 2023 event is an opportunity for you to learn from world-leading nutrition experts discussing nutrition-based topics that are often overlooked. If you are interested in nutrition, this event will teach you the science of nutrition, the practicalities of being a nutrition practitioner, and business theory.

The event will feature a two-course buffet lunch and free refreshments throughout the day. There will also be a three-course dinner and after-party that will allow you to network and socialise with like-minded individuals. Plus, you must register your interest to know first-hand when the tickets become available.

4. Nutrition and Hydration Week 2023

Date: 14th –20th March 2023

Venue: International

Price: Free

This annual event has taken place every March since 2012 with the objective of emphasising, promoting, and praising the provisional development of nutrition and hydration both locally and internationally. This international event aims to encourage good nutritional care, helpful nutrition and hydration practise, and constant education and development. Besides, anyone can join the cause of helping people understand the benefits of nutrition and hydration in health care.

5. IHCAN 2023 Summit

Date: 24th June 2023, 18th November 2023

Venue:  155 Bishopsgate, London, UK

Price: £99

This CPD-accredited nutrition event is an in-person and virtual event organised by IHCAN magazine for registered nutritional therapists, complementary and alternative medicine professionals, and integrative health practitioners. It is one of the UK’s biggest integrative health conferences and expos that will feature the leading product and service suppliers offering special offers and discounts to attendees. Speakers from multiple nutrition fields will talk on different topics, and you get to take the slides and audio home to review. Additionally, there will be breaks, a three-course buffet lunch, CPD points, and goody bags available for attendees.

6. Positive Nutrition Summit

Date: 29th -31st 2023

Venue: Park Plaza Victoria, London

Price: From £1195

The Positive Nutrition Summit is a three-day event focusing on life cycle, innovation, reformulation, plant-based, mood food, and other topics. It will feature panel discussions, expert presentations, and networking opportunities. This FoodNavigator event will have journalists question the panellists on how the latest nutritional science can be applied to mass food and beverage categories.

The speakers will examine how nutritional science and technology can meet the constantly changing consumer demands. Consumer brands and retailers will also be present with discounted products for attendees. Besides, there will also be networking opportunities like a welcome reception, roundtable lunch, social evening, and wellness programming.

7. Summer Conference 2023 – Nutrition and Key Stages of the Lifecycle

Date: 3rd -6th July 2023

Venue: The Hilton Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Price: From £450

This four-day event will take place at the Hilton Liverpool and is tailored to nutrition professionals in different fields, like academia, healthcare, industry, sports, and food technology. Experts will discuss different topics ranging from early nutrition during pregnancy to dietary modifications used to prevent cardiovascular diseases and challenges for nutritionally vulnerable people. This event will allow delegates to network and socialise with like-minded professionals. Additionally, registration and the call for abstracts are still open.

8. Scottish Section Conference 2023 – Diet and Health Inequalities

Date: 28th -29th March 2023

Venue: 1599 at the Royal College

Price: From $68

This two-day conference will highlight the socio-economic differences in diet and nutrition that contribute to health inequalities while discussing the policies, practices, and ways to reduce these inequalities. It will also feature multiple lectures on food insecurity in obese people, determinants of health behaviour, impacts of food insecurity, food poverty, global food security, sustainable diets, and others.

The abstract submission portal for this conference is currently open. The costs for this conference differ for different people – the price for students and unwaged members is discounted. Additionally, professionals will deliver their posters and presentations.

9. Irish Section Conference 2023 – Understanding the Role of Sex and Gender in Nutrition Research

Date: 14th -16th June 2023

Venue:  Athlone, Ireland

Price: From £100

This conference is centred on exploring the integration of sex and gender dimension in nutrition research and health impact and the influence of sex and gender and the risk of non-communicable diseases. The event speakers will also be discussing how nutrition influences individual growth, development, longevity, and health and how sex and gender may have implications on how different individuals carry out nutrition and dietary behaviours. Other topics that will be discussed include – bridging the sex and gender gap in sports nutrition research, investigating sex and gender diet differences, and others.

10. 24th Annual Meet on Obesity and Diet

Date: 13th -14th March 2023

Venue: London, United Kingdom

Price: From $599

This event’s theme is obesity and associated disorders, and it will feature professional speakers in the field highlighting their research work. They will cover multiple topics like the following:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Obesity and weight management
  • Obesity and cancer
  • Genetics of obesity
  • Obesity causes
  • Anti-obesity drugs
  • Non-surgical treatment for obesity
  • Obesity prevention, and others.

This 24th annual meet will be held virtually and in person in London. However, unlike the previous events, the deadline for abstract submission has closed.

11. 8th Annual Summit on Rare Diseases and Orphan Drugs

Date: 20th – 21st March 2023

Venue: London, United Kingdom

Price: From £570

This conference aims to pioneer breakthroughs in rare diseases. Numerous speakers will discuss the major issues related to rare diseases and orphan drugs to ensure that people receive the best care possible.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include the following:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Rare genetic disorders
  • Orphan drugs
  • Rare diseases advanced therapy
  • Clinical orphan drugs research, and others.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals in the field.

12. 4th International Conference on Obesity and Metabolic Diseases

Date: 29th – 31st May 2023

Venue:  London, United Kingdom

Price: From $300

The 4th International Conference on Obesity and Metabolic Diseases is a nutrition event that gathers different attendees, from students, professors, scientists, and researchers in obesity and metabolic diseases. This event will have several speakers highlighting different topics like the following:

  • Diabetes and Obesity
  • Managing Obesity
  • Obesity and Cardiac issues
  • Side effects of Obesity in pregnancy
  • Endocrinology Disorders
  • Genetics and Diabetes
  • Nutritional deficiencies of obesity
  • Genetic obesity
  • Paediatric obesity
  • Weight loss medication
  • Obesity and health risks
  • Alternative treatments for obesity
  • Eating disorders, and others.

This conference is an opportunity for professionals in the field of obesity and metabolic diseases to connect, collaborate, and share research.

13. London Eating Disorders Conference 2023

Date: 16th -17th March 2023

Venue: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London, United Kingdom

Price: From £700

This conference is centred on discussing everything related to eating disorders from the nutrition and health angles. Many professionals, from nutritionists, health professionals, and dieticians, will be present to discuss their research on the theme. The professionals will also discuss prevention and recovery methods. Other topics that will be highlighted on this day include:

  • Compulsive exercise
  • Severe anorexia nervosa
  • Telemedicine and digital technologies
  • Identity and societal challenges in mental health
  • Service delivery innovation
  • Compulsive exercise

14. 32nd World Conference on Food and Beverage

Date: 5th-6th June 2023

Venue: London, United Kingdom

Price: From £400

This two-day conference will feature workshop activities, plenary lectures, poster presentations, and parallel sessions addressing every sector of the food and beverage industry. There will be a comprehensive examination of the 2022 Global Trends Report and keynote speeches from reputable industry professionals. This conference is tailored for food scientists, clinical dieticians, sports nutritionists, entrepreneurs, students, holistic dieticians, academics, and others.

There will also be discussions surrounding the market analysis of the food and beverage industry. Other topics that will be highlighted include:

  • Food quality control and assurance
  • Food processing and technology
  • Product development
  • Food consumer science
  • Food chemistry and biochemistry
  • Beverage technology
  • Food waste
  • Food fortification
  • Food preservation and packaging
  • Food, health, and nutrient
  • Food safety standards
  • Food substitution
  • Food borne illnesses

15. 27th World Nutrition and Paediatrics Healthcare Conference

Date: 19th -20th June 2023

Venue: London, United Kingdom

Price: From £411

This year’s theme is “Evolution through Paediatric Healthcare and Nutrition Innovation”, and it will focus on recent global advancements in paediatric illness and neonatal mortality. There will be forums by prominent professors, researchers and doctors on paediatrics and nutrition, like general paediatrics, paediatric cardiology, human nutrition and dietetics, and others. Young professionals will also have the opportunity to present their research and network with like-minded individuals.

16. International Conference on Statistics and Food Product Formulation in Food Science and Nutrition (ICSFPFFSN 2023)

Date: 24th -25th July, 2023

Venue: London, United Kingdom

Price: From £300

This conference aims to connect leading academic scientists, researchers and students, enabling them to connect and share their research results on different aspects of the theme. There will be discussions about the constant changes the Nutrition and Food engineering industry faces. Other activities include peer-to-peer discussions, networking, panel sessions, and presentations.

17. International Conference on Advanced Food Processing Technology and Micronutrients (ICAFPTM 2023)

Date: 24th -25th July, 2023

Venue: London, United Kingdom

Price: £250

The general objective of this conference is to bring together top researchers, academic scientists, and research scholars to collaborate and share research on different topics relating to the theme. The conference solicits abstracts, posters, and papers addressing the theme, after which the papers will be peer-reviewed before being presented on the day of the conference. Besides, attendees can attend the conference either in person or virtually.


Wrapping It Up

It is vital to stay abreast of all that is happening in your professional field; these events are a good way to grow your network and increase your knowledge base. The list we discussed in this article is not exhaustive, as there are other nutrition events you can attend. Some of them include the following:

  • 7th International Conference on Microbiome, Probiotics and Gut Health
  • International Conference in nutrition, food science and health management
  • International Conference on Endocrine Diseases and Obesity Treatment
  • International Conference on Livestock Nutrition and Animal Feeding
  • International Conference on Urban Agriculture Policy and Food Systems