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Kirsty Brown – Legacy Awards

Going to university proved to be educational in more ways than one for 24-year-old Kirsty Brown. As a youngster, Kirsty avoided exercise even going so far as to skive PE lessons at school.

Changing her lifestyle…

“It wasn’t until the second year of university that my friend and I realised that our diets of brown food and cheap alcohol was harming our bodies.”


They decided to join the university’s boxing gym. A year later, Kirsty was team captain and her friend was vice president of the club. Sport and exercise became an important part of Kirsty’s life, who in addition to boxing also now enjoys Olympic lifting, rock climbing, pole-dance and Cross Fit.


“I was captain of the boxing team for two years and during that time I ran weekly boxing sessions for club members and helped the head coaches. I discovered that I enjoyed instilling my passion for boxing in others as much as my own training, so I completed the Level 1 boxing coaching course while still at university.”

Training with Future Fit Training…

After finishing her Masters in Performance Psychology, Kirsty decided to further develop her coaching skills by training as a Personal Trainer and has recently signed up for a Level 3 PT course with Future Fit Training (FFT).

“My primary role is not just to help people to get fitter, but to make them love that process so they stay with it for life. I also have first-hand experience of coming back to sport after a major injury, having lost part of my finger in a weight lifting accident. It took me a year to get back to health, and whilst I still need more surgery, I have come back stronger both physically and mentally… as well as earning my fighting name ‘the claw’!”

Kirsty is currently working part-time as a physiotherapy assistant, running a weekly exercise group for stroke patients to help develop their strength and cardiovascular fitness.

She also helps to coach teenagers in boxing and foundational fitness techniques, such as lifting movements.


“Seeing the huge impact that one hour of exercise a week can have on patients’ daily functioning has fuelled my passion for teaching people how to use physical activity to make positive life changes and overcome adversity.”

The future…

that I’ve got my Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification, I want to work in a
local fitness club to get more
experience of working in the fitness industry to better prepare me for the
Level 3 training.”

Winning at the Legacy Awards

Kirsty recently received the Inspired Award in the Dare to be Great category of the Future Fit Legacy Awards, which aims to help those about to embark on a career in the fitness industry.


“I was overwhelmed to make it to the finals and that others were able to see my passion for fitness. The event was wonderful, I met some great people at the awards and have stayed in contact with a couple of them.”


Kirsty’s long-term plan is to establish her own fitness business to offer personal training and performance fitness classes, which would suit athletes and others who want to develop their explosive power and skills, such as boxers. She also wants to continue to compete in and coach boxing. Following the FFT Legacy Awards, Kirsty is keener than ever to start her fitness career.


“It’s an amazing feeling to experience how having a deep passion can really contribute to realising your goals. This award has given me more confidence to start my career as a personal trainer and develop my own business in the future.”

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