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James Tugwell – Legacy Awards

James has loved sport and exercise for as long as he can remember. With a sporty father and a successful bodybuilder for a grandfather – one of the world’s top five at his peak – James was exposed to sport as a small child.

A love of sport from an early age…

“My grandpa trained me in his gym from a young age. I played tonnes of sports during my childhood, including cricket and swimming to regional and county level, and was one of the UK’s best Fives players at school when I was 17/18.”

The 26-year-old took up triathlon three years ago while working 80 to 120-hour weeks in investment banking, and now competes in Ironman triathlons in his spare time.


“Sport and exercise have been my release from my all-hours job in finance. The feeling I get after a session is hard to beat.”

Training with Future Fit Training…

Now, James is taking his passion for exercise one step further by training with Future Fit Training (FFT). He has recently completed the FFT Gym Instructor qualification as well as FFT’s Functional and Circuit Training workshops. He has also signed up for the FFT Total Immersion course (Level 4 PT + Nutrition Diploma).


“My aim is to become an all-services triathlon coach. Strength and conditioning are often overlooked to fit in the hours required to train in three disciplines, but these are the most important in keeping injury-free, recovering properly and maintaining energy.”

“I want to make sure people are training properly and healthily. Incorrect training and fuelling can leave a person disliking exercise. It needs to be fun and dynamic so it doesn’t get boring, but hard enough to hit their aims and show them what they can really achieve.”

“Given I’m just at the start of my journey, the FFT qualifications will enable me to get some clients. Then with additional courses, I’ll become qualified to help a wider range of people who have different goals, and ultimately become a more effective triathlon coach.”


James is the recent recipient of an Inspired Award in the Dare to be Great category of the Future Fit Legacy Awards.

“I only signed up for the Total Immersion course at the end of August and the Awards deadline was a couple of days afterwards. Andy Jones, a career advisor at FFT who gave me information on the courses I could sign up for, suggested I apply. I didn’t think I would have a chance of winning anything; it was a bit of a shock to receive the award to be honest.”

Future plans…

Since winning the award, James has made some useful contacts in the fitness industry, which he hopes will benefit his new career:

“Tara Dillon, CEO of CIMSPA, introduced me to Kay Simnett, ex-British Triathlon COO, and they have both been amazing. Following a long conversation, Kay has introduced me to a couple of people in the triathlon world who I can learn a lot from.”


In addition to coaching, James would like to help a governing body of sport or other organisations in the sector with his financial background and board experience by becoming a non-executive board director. By combining his passion for sport with his new qualifications from FFT, James hopes to add value to the sector by helping people get into sport and exercise and meet the goals.


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