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How To Become A Fitness Instructor

What Is A Fitness Instructor?

Fitness or Gym Instructors help improve clients’ health and wellbeing through proven methods of exercising. Their tasks can include:

  • Developing custom health and fitness programs for their clients
  • Supporting clients in following those programs
  • Leading group training activities
  • Teaching clients how to use fitness equipment
  • Demonstrating exercises

How To Get Started

The Level 2 Gym Instructor course is your starting point within the fitness industry to become a Fitness Instructor and from where you can continue to develop your career as a personal trainer.

You can also choose other basic programs based on your preferences:

Skills Of A Fitness Instructor

The main skill is loving the people you’ll be working with, which includes the following:

  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Being a people person
  • Be able to motivate clients
  • Stay motivated yourself, these 100 quotes might help
  • Great organizational skills for creating and executing well-being plans
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic in helping reach clients’ goals
  • In great physical condition

Fitness Instructors Salary

According to PayScale, the typical pay for a Fitness Instructor is £7.32 an hour. The total yearly pay is between £13,459 to £23,082.

Career Opportunities

There are more jobs opening up in gyms across the country as demand for personal training and better-qualified fitness instructors increases. Just ten years ago it was possible for fitness instructors and personal trainers to be completely unqualified, whereas now most personal trainers have degrees in Sports Science to their name.

This is what you need to do to succeed as a Fitness Instructor. This will be just one way to go about things, and there are many other ways to be successful.

How To Succeed As A Fitness Instructor

A lot of people decide to skip being a fitness instructor and go straight into personal training, if you are older and have the money to jump straight into a studio or create your own home gym then this can be a really good idea. But if you are planning on personal training within a commercial gym, are quite young, or are low on funds, then becoming a fitness instructor first makes a LOT of sense.

The reasons for this are that you will gain a lot of experience and confidence in being on the gym floor and talking to potential clients. You can build up a relationship with potential future clients, you will learn how to train a much larger variety of people, you will learn how to use all the machines, and how to fix them if they become slightly damaged.


Becoming a fitness instructor will also help ground you, a lot of personal trainers who have never worked as a fitness instructor can underestimate how difficult a job it can be. This will help you get on better with the fitness staff when you make that jump, and this can massively help you when it comes to making sales.


The first thing that you want to do when considering a fitness instructor career is to pick a course that is going to deliver you the best education. You also want to think about trying to get an apprenticeship. This can really help you, particularly when you are completing your course. Most gyms will be more than happy to accommodate you, but try to ensure that the work experience you are being given is relevant. If you spend most of your time cleaning the treadmills then you won’t be learning anything!

Following fitness experts will really help build up your knowledge. Try to perform as many inductions as you possibly can, they may feel like a lot of hard work, but this is the best practice you can get for personal training.