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How Future Fit are Championing Employee Wellness

At Future Fit, one of our key visions is to lead by example. Our desire to make a difference is reflected in our passionate belief in wellness and fitness, beginning from within.


The fitness sector is moving towards a holistic approach to fitness and wellness, championing the need for a community-based effort to improve wellbeing. As a leading voice within the health and fitness sector, we are continually working to create new ideas about how we can champion wellness for our employees that can extend into the community.


Our latest innovations are the launch of the new School of Health, an umbrella school that houses our vast range of health and wellness courses and highlights the industry’s needs to work with clients often overlooked in typical fitness qualifications. Internally, we continue to develop new ways to improve employee wellness and celebrate their achievements. We understand how important it is for staff to feel like part of a thriving and caring community that goes above and beyond to help one another more than just the 9-5.


Read on to learn more about working at the forefront of health and wellness for the fitness sector, starting from within the Future Fit family and echoing out to the wider community.


The blog includes:

  • The Launch of the School of Health
  • Future Fit Life
  • Employee Long Service Awards

School of Health – a New Beginning for Health and Wellness


‘The School of Health is a vital step towards evolving how we train our workforce. We need to equip individuals with the skills they need to work with the public in a more holistically. Seeing beyond fitness, they can consider a whole person approach and move towards providing a true national wellness service’ Elaine Briggs, Director of Education and Innovation.


The need for health and wellness-based fitness professionals has never been more crucial.


In recent years, though highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the sector has seen a shift in the need for trainers not just for the already fit, but for those with additional needs or difficulties who would benefit from the further support to hit their desired fitness and health goals. Prolonged periods of isolation and lockdown-based inactivity in the last year has seen fitness levels drop and a rise in weight gain and lower mental health.


`Healthcare professionals cannot manage the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic alone. This set of qualifications aims to upskill those in the fitness industry who want to work within a health remit, and specialise in community care provision` Anthony Crozier, Health and Wellbeing Specialist and creator of the School of Health.


The School of Health arms students with the skills and knowledge to work within the wider community to better aid their client’s physical and mental health through a range of courses, including:


On completing the courses, students will be able to work in various health and wellness facilities and community centers, potentially increasing their employability and earning potential.


To find out more about the new School of Health, visit our Health and Wellbeing courses page here.



Future Fit Life – Starting Wellness from Within Future Fit

Here at Future Fit, we talk about being a family…this isn’t simply a clichéd saying but an actual reality. Time and time again, I am witnessing my friends and my colleagues going above and beyond for the sake of others.” James Duncan, Senior Head of People Performance.


Future Fit Life was launched in January 2021, supporting those who had recently returned to home-schooling and balancing a full-time career. Future Fit Life is an overarching term for all the wellbeing support and family initiatives we have to offer, including physical fitness and wellness programs and child-friendly games and activities. This has been made available for our community of corporate colleagues and partners to benefit from as part of the wider Future Fit Family.


Additionally, we have partnered with the online counseling service Able Futures, a support system specializing in workplace counseling. This service is free for anyone wishing to use it and provides a bespoke 9-month plan to help build resilience, access deeper therapy, or just need an external person to talk to.


The two initiatives have been incredibly successful, giving a platform for people to discuss their challenges and help boost others’ wellbeing and support. This has built a sense of community for our staff who have been distanced from each other for months, and created a space where they can spend time with their children:


One of the things that have had the biggest impact for me is the fact that staff, including senior management, have used the platform to share their own experiences and feelings which has provided a sense of relief as we all realise we’re affected by this situation in similar ways, and it’s ‘okay to not be okay‘ Paul Swainson, Research and Development Manager.

To find out more about Future Fit Life, click here.


Employee long service awards – Celebrating Our Staff’s Achievements


We are fortunate to have such a fantastic cohort of over 150 staff here at Future Fit, all with their areas of expertise and their voices within the fitness industry. We are at the forefront of innovation within the sector and champion the idea that success should be rewarded and applauded from within the company as much as we do to our external partners and collaborators.

To that end, we have seen many of our staff celebrating their Long Service awards in recent years. These have ranged from 5 years recently to 20+ years (which for a company that was founded in 1993 is a fantastic achievement!)

These celebration posts have been frequently featured on our social media channels and internally for staff to share their congratulations.


What Next?


While the pandemic has seen a change in the industry that has come with many challenges, we have also seen how resilient the industry is and the importance of a holistic approach to fitness and wellness.


The individual and their needs, challenges, and successes should be front and center for any fitness professional, and we embody this in the way we support and celebrate our staff. The launch of the School of Health reflects the need for this to the wider community, and we are incredibly proud to officially launch the school to our students and our corporate partners.


To register your interest in completing one of our unique and innovative School of Health modules, call our dedicated team on 01329 829444 or visit our website here.