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How Can Trainers Help Older Adults Live Longer Better?

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newest course as part of our School of Health, Living Longer Better.


This unique course aims to help you open your training to the community and support clients over 50 to be the best they can be. Coaching older adults can be incredibly rewarding, and this course will give you the skills to maintain their fitness levels, build better resilience, and help keep them independent for longer – truly making a difference in their lives now and into the future.

This course is unique to Future Fit Training and developed with internationally renowned public health expert and director of the Optimal Ageing Process, Sir Muir Gray. This means you will get the highest level of training and the most up-to-date knowledge.

Read on to find out more about this exciting and unique course, its learning structure, and how this skillset can benefit your career as a wellness and fitness professional.

  • What Will This Course Cover?
  • What Are the Benefits of This Course to a Fitness Professional?
  • Why Did We Develop This Course?
  • Who is Sir Muir Gray?


What Will This Course Cover?


A full breakdown of all you need to know about the course can be found on the Living Longer Better course page here.


Qualifications Future Fit Training and Optimal Ageing Programme Certificate in Living Longer Better
Entry Requirements There are no formal entry requirements
Course Length 6-12 hours
Assessment Method 100% flexible e-learning with assessment questions throughout to ensure a thorough understanding.


This course covers a range of skills vital to training and coaching older clients, such as:

  • The importance of physical activity to delay and prevent elements of the ageing process.
  • How physical activity can help rehabilitation as well as drug therapy.
  • The impact of social and environmental pressures on the brain and mind, reducing the risk of dementia.
  • And so much more!

This course will make you re-evaluate your thoughts regarding what is important when working with older populations” Anthony Crozier, Health and Wellbeing Specialist at Future Fit Training and writer of the Living Longer Better Course.


What Are the Benefits of This Course to a Fitness Professional?


Understanding how physical activity can help older adults maintain mobility and independence will significantly benefit any health and fitness professional working with this ageing population.


This skillset will also enable you to:

  • Work with the community and with GP services or with care homes and housing communities.
  • Boost your outreach and expanding your networks.
  • Increase your income


Many fitness professionals often overlook this older community, making this a much sought-after and essential skill for any trainer looking to make a difference in their local health and wellness facilities. You will be able to explore new opportunities and take on more clients than ever before that need extra support hitting their fitness goals.



Why Did We Develop This Course?


The number of people who will need your expertise will only expand, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. The sector needs to be ready to work within the growing market.


You can deliver essential coaching skills that allow older adults to maintain their independence longer and reduce the demand on care facilities and the NHS.


Here’s what our experts had to say on why we developed the Living Longer Better Course:


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of improving and maintaining health and wellbeing to boost resilience to illness. It’s not about living longer in itself; it’s about living better in the years that you do have – a healthy life expectancy” Paul Swainson, Research and Development Specialist at Future Fit Training.

There is a revolution taking place, and part of that is a knowledge revolution. We now know that the normal ageing process is not the cause of problems until the late 90s. We now have evidence that at any age with any number of long-term conditions people can improve their ability levels” Sir Muir Gray.

is trying to upskill and educate what we class as our health and fitness professionals into realising that we do have an ageing population and that we do need to be able to converse and work with these people over time” Anthony Crozier.

Who is Sir Muir Gray?


Sir Muir Gray is a public health expert and executive director of the Oxford Centre for Triple Value Healthcare. He has worked in the Public Health Service in England since 1972, is an advisor for Public Health England, and the Chair of the NHS Health and Social Care Digital service.


Sir Muir is also a Professor in the Nuffield Department of Surgery at the University of Oxford.


His work currently focuses on Value-Based Healthcare, emphasising how well resources are used for patients and how assets are distributed. To hear from Muir about his work with the Optimal Ageing Process and the partnership with us on the Living Longer Better course, watch his interview below.



To Conclude


This is an excellent opportunity for any health and wellness professional looking to embrace these growth opportunities and client bases. You can work in new areas of the community and make a difference to those looking to maintain their wellness and resilience in their later life.


With your growing confidence in coaching the older population and working closely with community facilities, you will be able to say yes to working with a range of ages and skills to close the fitness gap and help the over 50’s live longer, better.



We cannot wait for you to get started with this course! Sign up by visiting the dedicated webpage here.