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How Can Pilates Make Your Life Better?

Having a good workout plan in place that supports this goal is a must! This is where Pilates comes in. It is a functional system that can improve posture, which can then enhance your mood. Living a healthy life is living a better life.

We’ll outline all of the benefits to starting a Pilates practice to make your life better below!

Pilates Is Functional Fitness


Look no further than Pilates to improve habitual posture patterns that are not serving you. Often, chronic pain in the body can be remedied through correction of movement patterns. Pilates will help you to do this by assessing the way you stand, sit, and walk through daily life. You will notice the way in which you do these everyday activities, and if something is “out of line” causing irregularity in your posture, you can work to correct it. Over time, this will lead to a better functioning body as well as pain management.

Muscle Tone Only


Pilates provides long, lean muscle through concentrated muscle focus. Each exercise specifically targets a major muscle group, while also impacting the smaller muscles. When you learn to train these deeper muscles, and not just the superficial ones, it creates less bulk and gives these larger muscles a break, as well.

Mat Pilates uses body weight exercises as opposed to working with additional weight, which also helps create lean muscle mass. The exercises take you through a full range of movement patterns, such as the Roll-up, which targets not only the rectus abdominis but also the hip flexors while contributing to back and hamstring flexibility at the same time. Bigger is not always better in this case- but working toward what works for your body is best.

Pilates Strengthens Your Core


A strong core means that you can move through daily life with more control and support over daily tasks such as lifting, sporting activities with increased spinal support. Additionally, it decreases your risk of getting injured. Many times, a weak core manifests itself as lower back pain. This can, in turn, cause you to “throw your back” when trying to lift a heavy object. Keep your lower back- and your core- happy by keeping it strong.

Stretch It Out

Pilates exercises are designed to not only strengthen your muscles but also to lengthen. Each exercise utilizes the full range of motion of the body so that joints are mobilized and muscles are stretched. Keeping the muscles pliable also helps to decrease the risk of injury from, over stretching or reaching and lessen pain associated with chronic movement patterns.

Improved Brain Function


Two of the key Pilates principals are control and concentration. Each exercise has a specific focal point (muscle group activation) that should be performed with precision and control. This helps to keep the brain sharp and can improve focus even when you’re off the mat. Additionally, it will increase your mind-body connection, empowering you to feel self-aware.

Breathe More


Pilates also uses deep breathing techniques combined with core activation, so you really get the most out of every exercise. This occurs by activating the diaphragm, your breathing muscle, which helps stabilize the core. Additionally, the body will receive more fresh oxygen every time you inhale deeply and exhale completely by using the diaphragm to its full capacity. Breathing also helps focus each movement pattern during the workout.

Breathing is one of our biggest detoxification systems, so when we do this consciously, we can expand our lung capacity and nourish our muscles more. Not only will your body function better, but so will your mind. Not to mention, deep breathing helps to activate your parasympathetic nervous system aka the “rest and digest” system, which relieves stress and can boost your mood and immunity!

Share these benefits with others today by learning how to become a Pilate’s instructor at Future Fit Training. The industry is growing and NOW is the time to jump on the bandwagon! We offer a variety of qualifications to help you.