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H is for The One Hundred

This exercise is usually performed at the start of a mat Pilates class. Some teachers use this exercise as an extension to their warm-up as it promotes blood circulation and focuses the participant to concentrate on breath control.

The 100 small beating arm movements are thus; 5 arm beats with a breath in and 5 with a breath out – repeat this 10 times to complete the full exercise.


  • Imagine beating water with your arms
  • Imagine your arms are on springboards
  • Imagine your arms are in plaster casts (this helps to maintain alignment)
  • The One Hundred is primarily used as a strength exercise for the muscles of the core (including TVA and pelvic floor) as well as the rectus abdominis, quadriceps, gluteal muscles and deltoids. This exercise is versatile as it can easily be modified for beginners and progressed through many stages for additional challenge. The most difficult version is suitable for advanced participants.

    Client Awareness

    • Maintain effective shoulder stabilisation
    • Ensurs the small beating movement is initiated from the shoulder joint (and not the wrist or elbow)
    • Focuse on lateral thoracic breathing
    • Align the shoulder, hip and knee joints
    • Avoid letting the abdominal muscles dome
    • Using small equipment can help participants modify The One Hundred exercise. One example would be to use a small, soft ball or cushion to support the lumbar spine if required. Equally, small equipment can be used to progress the exercise, for example using a Pilates circle between extended legs.

      Changing the position of legs can greatly intensify The One Hundred exercise and adding rotation to extended legs adds further challenge.