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Craig O’Toole: My Story

Craig O’Toole

“Knowing I’m in control of my own destiny and building something bigger than myself only motivates me more when things get tough” – Craig 0’Toole


Future Fit graduate Craig O’Toole, shares his story about his life and business having completed his Personal Training course.

Future Fit Training have a range of Personal Training courses to help kick-start your career in the fitness industry.

Can you relate to Craig? If you are stuck in a job with little satisfaction, then you too can turn your hobby into a successful career. Start your story today and enquire to find out more.

Key Points

  • Struggled to find his dream job
  • Turned his skills and passion into a new career
  • Succeeded as a Personal Trainer but wanted more
  • Built the brand ManAlive
  • Made a real difference to people’s lives in the process

Future Fit appealed to me because their courses were well respected, comprehensive, well put together and the flexibility of blended learning really suited me. Fast-forward five years and I’m running a successful Personal Training company.