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Future Fit Traning

C is for 'The Crab – Advanced Exercise'


Spinal mobility, strength of the core, rectus abdominus and obliques

This requires a great deal of flexibility and should only be performed by advanced participants.

  • Sit on the mat in a cross-legged position, TVA engaged and shoulders stabilised
  • Hold onto the feet without losing the upright posture
  • Perform a pelvic tilt to achieve balance position
  • Maintain the grip on the feet
  • Inhale; maintain the alignment while rolling the sit bones under with a posterior pelvic tilt rolling back maintaining this shape and position of the leg
  • Go no further than the tops of the shoulders, keep the heels pressed towards the backs of the legs
  • Exhale, return to balance position without letting the feet touch the floor
  • Repeat the sequence 6 times
  • Prime movers

    Rectus abdominus, obliques


    TVA, internal and external obliques, lateral leg rotators and hip adductors

    Muscles stretched

    Lower back

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