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11 Best Pilates Instructor Courses in the UK

In the UK, over 60% of people over 16 participate in some form of physical and fitness activity, including group workouts, running, squats, and more. According to an EMD UK Survey, 4 million individuals participate in group exercises, including yoga, spin classes, and Pilates.

However, Pilates was not a popular exercise choice for UK residents until 2019 but has been widely adopted since then.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in many people staying indoors, was a major factor that boosted the popularity of Pilates.

Also, many celebrities have made Pilates trendy, increasing its acceptability to UK residents. Besides, the increasing demand for Pilates clearly shows that there is an active market for Pilates instructors.

Do you like Pilates and are interested in teaching it to others? If yes, you are in the right place, as this article will discuss the best course routes you can take to increase your market value. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

Why it is important to Choose the best course

Getting the best Pilates instructor training is crucial because, in group exercises like Pilates, the quality of the instructor is one of the most important factors that participants consider. Most courses cover the fundamentals of Pilates techniques, anatomy, and instructional methods.

There are numerous high-qualifying and recommended Pilates courses to choose from. But your choice depends on your unique needs and what you want to achieve to move yourself to the next point of your career.

For example, a mat Pilates instructor need not know how to use a reformer machine in their course. However, a reformer Pilates instructor will need a course combining mat Pilates principles and how to use and modify workouts with a reformer machine.

What are the best Pilates Instructor Courses?

Considering all we have talked about so far, this article shares the best Pilates instructor courses for the following categories:

  • The best Pilates instructor courses (General)
  • The best mat Pilates instructor courses
  • The best reformer Pilates instructor qualification

We have vetted some of the Pilates instructor courses that are popular both in the UK and worldwide and have compiled a list to make your choice easier.

The Best Pilates Instructor Courses (General)

Even if you don’t have any specific requirements to become a Pilates instructor, your choice of certification matters a lot. Your qualifications will directly affect your career progression, direction, and how much you can earn.

If you are looking for the best Pilates instructor courses to give you a boost, you need to consider certain factors before making your certification decision.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pilate Instructor Course

When selecting a Pilates instructor course, it’s crucial to consider several key factors to ensure the program aligns with your career goals.

1.    Work Environment:

Depending on where you aspire to work, choose a course that offers focused training for specific environments such as gyms, wellness centres, or private instruction. Understanding the demands and expectations of your preferred work setting can help you select a course that provides relevant knowledge and practical experience tailored to those requirements.

2.    Cost Considerations:

Consider the overall cost of the course, including tuition, materials, and potential additional expenses. It is best to opt for a program that balances affordability and comprehensive training. This ensures the investment yields the necessary skills and knowledge to boost your Pilates instruction career.

3.    Accreditation and Certification:

Ensure a reputable institute within the fitness industry accredits the course. A certification recognized by fitness associations and potential employers validates your expertise and enhances your professional credibility, potentially leading to better job prospects and opportunities for career advancement.

4.    Class Schedule Flexibility:

The flexibility of the class schedule and your existing commitments is important. Look for courses that offer part-time, full-time, or online learning options to accommodate your work or personal schedule. Flexibility can enable you to balance your educational pursuits with other responsibilities more effectively.

5.    Location Accessibility:

Ensure the course location aligns with your residence or potential relocation plans. A program within a reasonable commuting distance can significantly reduce travel-related stress and expenses.

However, if you prefer a specific renowned institute that is distant, ensure the benefits and reputation of the program justify the potential inconveniences of location.

Many training providers also offer online training programs that are convenient for you, depending on your specific needs.

The Winner? Futurefit Training

The Futurefit Pilates Instructor course offers a flexible e-learning platform with practical workshops. The courses are facilitated by approved VTCT-trained Pilates instructors to ensure your comfort and build your confidence to instruct your classes after the training.

You can start by spending as little as an hour a day in Pilates instructor classes where you learn multiple Pilates exercises and modifications to suit a variety of clients. This way, you expand your client base and earning potential in two to three months.

Our Pilates instructor courses also offer various fees and funding options to support your quest for knowledge. These courses support Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Second Best? HFE Pilate Instructor Courses

Looking at our competitors, we picked the HFE as the second-best for Pilates instructor courses. They come close because they offer all the above services, including a specialist Pilates course and discounts to improve affordability.

While this can be compared to our fees and funding options, it is designed to offer discounts without many payment options.

The Best Mat Pilate Instructor Courses

Becoming a skilled and proficient Mat Pilates instructor requires a comprehensive and top-tier educational foundation. Mat Pilates is known for its focus on core strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance.

The best Mat Pilates instructor courses offer a dynamic learning experience, highlighting the principles of proper body alignment, breathing techniques, and precise execution of exercises on the mat.

Additionally, they provide hands-on practice sessions, enabling aspiring instructors to master crafting tailored workouts that cater to varying fitness levels and specific client needs.

Factors to consider when choosing mat Pilates instruction courses

When selecting a Mat Pilates instruction course, it is crucial to consider several key factors to ensure you receive comprehensive and high-quality training that aligns with your career goals and educational preferences.

1.     Course Content and Curriculum:

Look for a program that offers a balanced blend of theory, including foundational principles, anatomy, teaching methodology, and practical sessions.

2.     Instructor Qualifications and Experience:

We mentioned earlier that the quality of the instructor is important in Pilates training. While your qualifications are important to your clients, the instructors’ qualifications and experience should also be important to you. Choose a program where instructors have extensive expertise in Mat Pilates and a proven track record of effective teaching.

3.     Practical Training Opportunities:

Look for courses that provide ample opportunities for practical training, including teaching practice and supervised instruction. Practical experience is essential for honing your teaching skills and building confidence in applying Mat Pilates principles effectively with clients of varying fitness levels and abilities.

The Winner? Futurefit Training

The Futurefit Mat Pilates course maintains the authentic classical Pilates approach, preparing you to teach Mat Pilates to individuals of all levels proficiently.

With a focus on versatility, you’ll learn to adapt exercises to suit diverse needs. It also combines basic mat Pilates exercises and Pilates with small equipment. The program offers a blended learning format that combines e-learning and hands-on workshops. This enhances your skills, knowledge, and teaching confidence, ensuring you’re fully prepared to lead engaging and effective classes.

The Best Reformer Pilate Instructor Qualification

The best qualification as a Reformer Pilates instructor means establishing a strong foundation for a successful career. The Reformer Pilates method has gathered much recognition for its impact on physical health.

If you focus on becoming a reformer Pilates instructor, then a qualification program that combines classical Pilates with reformer Pilates exercises is ideal. These courses typically provide hands-on training and practical workshops to enable aspiring instructors with the knowledge to design tailored workouts that cater to diverse fitness levels and specific client requirements.

Some Things to consider when picking a reformer Pilates instructor course

1.    Flexibility and Accessibility:

The flexibility of the course schedule and its accessibility are important, especially if you have other commitments. However, a blended curriculum is beneficial for getting practical experience while training.

2.    Post-Course Support:

A course that offers post-course support, such as job placement assistance (Futurefit job board), continuing education opportunities, or access to a community of instructors.

3.    Career Opportunities:

Even though you know what career you want as a Pilates instructor, you need to research the potential career opportunities and the demand for Pilates instructors in your area before choosing a course. The course should prepare you for the specific demands of the job market and equip you with the necessary skills to succeed as a professional reformer Pilates instructor.

Winner? Futurefit Training

Futurefit offers a Master Practitioner qualification that combines mat Pilates training with reformer Pilates training. This advanced course enables you to train clients using Reformer equipment. It also equips you to provide tailored one-on-one sessions for rehabilitation, posture improvement, core health, and leading diverse fitness classes.