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Biomechanics education


Level up your career with a Biomechanics Coach Course from Biomechanics Education and Future Fit. Use your exclusive 10% discount as a EMD UK member.

Course TypeBlended Learning
QualificationDiploma In Biomechanics Coaching
Flexible Payment OptionsStudy conveniently & affordably
IBA RegisteredBecome an IBA Registered Biomechanics Coach

Biomechanics Coach Course

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Course Overview

This Biomechanics Coaching Diploma will introduce individuals to methods which can help movement practitioners, strength coaches, personal trainers and manual therapists to identify risks and optimise performance for clients.

Biomechanics Education aims to bring students a movement assessment program that is simplified and comes from an evidence-based perspective to bring students a system that pulls their skills together.

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Once qualified with a Diploma in Biomechanics coaching students will have the skills to follow a system to assess clients and understand where there is risk or opportunity to improve.

Low back pain biomechanics education

What’s Included

This Biomechanics coaching course will use the skills you have prior to studying altogether. The aim of this course is not to replace skills but to hone them all in one place following a simple system based on your expertise, experience and knowledge.

This course will provide you with the skills you need to assess your client’s body and understand where there is risk and where you can help them improve.

This will help you gain confidence and enhanced skills in communicating with a multi-disciplinary team that we will also support you in finding.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I book workshop days?
    You can book your practical dates via your Student Zone (Your login details to this would have been sent after you signed your enrolment form). For further guidance on booking your dates once logged in, please click on the "Resource Centre" tab, where you can watch our tutorial video or access the Student Zone How To Guide.
  • What career opportunities are there as a Biomechanics Coach?
    Biomechanics Coaches have found themselves involved in multidisciplinary teams, working alongside physiotherapists or with sports clubs.
  • How much can I earn as a Biomechanics Coach?
    Many Biomechanics Coaches have doubled, or even trebled, their income due to their training; however, this is very individual due to various circumstances.   
  • How long do I have to complete the Diploma?
    You will have a 24-month completion timeframe 
  • How is the course assessed?
    Continuous formative assessment during the attendance days. Summative one-hour practical assessment.  Twelve weeks research project and a 2000-word report.  
  • What backgrounds do Biomechanics Coaching learners have?
    Learners are comprised of professionals looking for an understanding of intrinsic biomechanics. Often these are personal trainers, Pilates teachers, yoga Instructors, sports therapists and strength coaches 
  • Where are practical workshops held?
    Practical workshops are hosted in a range of cities, including London, Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Belfast. The practical workshop schedule for 2023 is available to view now on the Biomechanics Education website.  
  • Is Biomechanics Education professionally recognised?
    Yes, Biomechanics Education is a CIMSPA-endorsed education training partner as well as STA for sports therapy learners. 
  • What qualifications do I need to have to study the Diploma in Biomechanics Coaching?
    The entry requirements for this Diploma are Level 3 qualification in Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga or equivalent. You will also need to be at least eighteen years old. 
  • What are the next steps once I’ve completed the Diploma in Biomechanics Coaching?
    If you’ve completed your Diploma, there are many ways you can put your skills into practice as a full or part-time Biomechanics Coach. However, should you wish to elevate your training, you can become a member of the IBA (Intrinsic Biomechanics Association). This will entitle you to: 
    • Mentor support from the Master Trainer team 
    • Videos, webinars, and guest lectures delivered by industry leaders 
    • CPD training and career development courses 
    • Branded clothing and business support 
  • What support is in place for learners on the Diploma in Biomechanics Coaching?
    Throughout your course, you will gain support from other Biomechanics Coaches around the UK and the wider world. You will get a chance to learn from each other in your practical workshops and gain advice from the Master Trainers. Support is available throughout from the team. 
  • How is the learning on the Diploma in Biomechanics Coaching delivered?
    While undertaking the Diploma in Biomechanics Coaching, you will experience learning both online and in-person in workshops. These workshops are a great opportunity to learn from the Master Trainers, ask questions, and put the skills into practice that you gained through your e-learning.   Your assessment will be a practical assessment with twelve weeks of research and home study work. 
  • What job title can I give myself?
    Careers in biomechanics are greatly varied depending upon an individual's choice of education and interpretation. Within our school, these titles may be used... 
    • Biomechanics Coach 
    • Biomechanics Trainer 
    • Biomechanics Instructor 
  • What is Biomechanics Coaching?
    Biomechanics is defined as mechanics applied to biology, and mechanics itself is the response of bodies to forces or displacements (ScienceDirect) Using an evidence-based system of screening and PREhabilitation exercise programme, Biomechanics Coaches can help mitigate the injury risk of our athletes and clients. We have shifted the paradigm to create a system that is modular and applicable to all other forms of exercise prescription. 
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