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Intro to Biomechanics Education workshop, with Don Armand

Attend the first Biomechanics Education workshop, with Future Fit ambassador, Don Armand, on 9th June in Fareham, Hampshire.

Why should I attend the workshop?

Biomechanics Education introduces movement practitioners, strength coaches, personal trainers and manual therapists to methods that help identify risks and optimise performance for clients. If you’re a health and fitness professional looking to boost your earning potential or deepen your knowledge, this workshop will give you the chance to look into a course that can do all that and more!

The Introduction to Biomechanics Education workshop will give you the chance to learn what Biomechanics Coaching is really about, and the benefits it can bring your clients, alongside the opportunity to see an assessment in action, on retired rugby-pro, Don Armand.

Low back pain biomechanics education

Who will you meet at the workshop?

Rachel France, Managing Director of Biomechanics Education

Rachel Frances Thomson DipITS DipBE QTLS IBAM MCIMSPA, is a Biomechanics Coach, Former Professional Dancer, Soft Tissue Therapist, Strength Coach & Director of Biomechanics Education. Among her many career highlights, Rachel:

  • Established the Intrinsic Biomechanics programme in the UK, Americas and Sweden
  • Provides biomechanics education for therapists, strength & conditioning coaches, personal trainers and Pilates teachers
  • Developed iMoveFreely group fitness classes to improve performance and mitigate the risk of injury in fitness and sports facilities

Rachel is an expert in the fields of health, sport, fitness and education. Her special interest is biomechanics and she heads up an organisation that teaches fitness and medical professionals how to screen and provide exercise interventions to prevent and manage injury as well as improve performance. Rachel works closely with her team on all health, fitness and education projects.


Don Armand - The Gaming Athlete

Don Armand, Founder of The Gaming Athlete

Don has recently retired after spending nine years playing rugby for Exeter Chiefs and now channels that drive and passion into helping empower others through his business, The Gaming Athlete.

Having played rugby at the highest level for so long, Don knows the importance of movement; and utilising the expertise of trained professionals to ensure your body functions at an optimum level.  The Gaming Athlete endeavours to educate gamers on the importance of maintaining health & wellness during sessions whilst providing equipment designed to improve your performance.

Throughout the workshop, Rachel will not only perform an Intrinsic Biomechanics assessment of Don but also discuss strategies for maintaining physical wellness during time spent at a computer.

I'm really looking forward to introducing more professionals to Biomechanics Education and the impact it can have on their clients. Assessing Don, identifying movement limitations and suggesting ways for improvement will be a really unique way of showcasing what Biomechanics Education offers.

Rachel France, Biomechanics Education
Biomechanics education

So what can you expect on the day?


The workshop will take place on the 9th June 2023, at Fareham Leisure Centre (PO16 7JU). Arriving by 9.30am, the workshop will follow the plan below:

10.00 Introductions to Rachel and Don

10.30 Introduction to Biomechanics Education

10.45 Demonstration of how an Intrinsic Biomechanics assessment would look with techniques to improve any identified problems

11.45 Break

12.00 Group demonstration of Intrinsic Biomechanics techniques.

1.00 Lunch

1.30 Talk from Don about his career, The Gaming Athlete and the importance of wellness in all aspects of life.

2.15 Q&A

3.00 End.


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