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Maya-Ray Cross

Having competed and coached Freestyle Kayaking internationally, Mayo aims to help disabled athletes maximise their training capabilities and become the best they can be.

Hear from Maya-ray....

My name is Maya-ray but most people call me Mayo. I’m a professional Kayaker and coach for the Great British team . I am disabled and a little bit crazy, because I really shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing with my disability as my joints tend to dislocate. But you only live once and you might as well enjoy it, so I challenge myself and push myself to achieve my goals.

I’ve always found it difficult to write about myself but here goes…. I’ve been a kayaker for 14 years, I’ve competed in 2 freestyle kayak world championships and I’ve also coached at two. I like to spend as much time in or on the water as possible, it helps me free my mind and it has always been my therapy. It’s a challenging sport, but the community is supportive and loving. I have always loved coaching, from the day I started kayaking I loved helping everyone learn and that has stuck with me; I love seeing my friends and athletes achieve something they have been working on. I can frequently be found stood at the side of the river crying because I am so proud of the people I know, I love helping them on their journey and seeing them progress.


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I am studying with Future Fit because they are an enthusiastic company who are supportive and are willing to help me with my different learning needs, I love how jam-packed full of information the courses are. I'm so thankful for Future Fit who are helping me on my journey to achieving my next goal, that is to help more disabled people to stay active and try new things!

Maya-ray Cross

Mayo's mission

As a disabled athlete, I have always found it difficult competing against able-bodied athletes because quite simply I can’t train for as long or train as hard. That’s why I have taken the opportunity to work with Future Fit; I can help disabled athletes get the best out of their training sessions and help them become the best they can be!

My goal is to help people achieve their dreams. I know it sounds cheesy but I get more satisfaction from seeing other people do well rather than myself! I’m a very lucky person with family and friends supporting me every step of the way, as well as my service dog Eddy. I have friends from all over the world and I have amazing opportunities presenting themselves to me every day!

A Q&A with Mayo

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