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Meet Kathryn Owens

Nutrition Coach


“I’m hoping to do 1-1 pt sessions alongside my nutrition business to provide an all-around health package.”


Business Website: Kathryn Owens Coaching


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Get to know me

I currently help ladies to become body and mind confident while losing weight.

I’m a past anorexic of over 30 years, so I understand what it’s like not to be happy about your appearance and to have a bad relationship with food. I want to help others not to suffer as I did.

Fitness is my passion, and the day I started lifting weights was the day my life changed. That’s why I want other ladies to see that you can still get your dream body regardless of age by finding a love of fitness.

I’m currently training and cutting for my first bikini competition and hoping to enter before I’m 50 this year.

Go after your dreams. Age is just a number and you should never let that stop you. If you work hard in your studying, you will be rewarded with a career in a fast-growing industry!

Kathryn Owens

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