Project Paul

Following the increasingly popular trend of 12 week transformations, to see what all the fuss is about our head of Personal Training Paul Swainson decides to give it a go. Follow him through his journey, as he blogs about his transformation and whether or not you can indeed fix fitness problems and produce realistic results in such a short time frame.

I am bad at bodybuilding

Published on 08 September 2015

Halfway through Project Paul, I’ve had to change my approach to lifting weights to ensure I’m getting muscle-growth effects.

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The most interesting reaction to #ProjectPaul

Published on 31 August 2015

When I announced I would be hiring a personal trainer, I had some interesting comments and questions from people. One of the most challenging was: “You’re a personal trainer, shouldn’t you be in shape already?”

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Meat, meat and more meat!

Published on 24 August 2015

So, at the halfway stage I feel as if I’ve eaten more meat and fish in the last 6 weeks than in the rest of my life.

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First 4 Week Phase Completed

Published on 17 August 2015

So the first 4 week phase of #ProjectPaul is complete. Much as I cringe at the idea of posting my half-naked frame across the internet once again, I guess it’s a necessity given the aim of this project so hopefully it’s useful to see where I’m up to on my journey.

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3 Common Reactions to #ProjectPaul

Published on 06 August 2015

It’s funny how people associate ‘serious’ training programmes with what’s considered an unusual way of eating.

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2 weeks in...

Published on 27 July 2015

So, two weeks in to my 3 month programme, what are my thoughts so far?

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3 Months to Get in Shape

Published on 20 July 2015

Sounds like the latest in a long line of potentially unrealistic challenges we see in the media these days, but that’s the point...

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