Meet the Personal Training Tutor team

Read about our industry specialists, what inspires them, their qualifications and their journey to becoming a tutor for Future Fit's School of Personal Training

Simon Stevenson

Tutor, Simon Stevenson has a degree in Sport & Recreation which naturally lead to a career in the fitness industry. He shares his expertise with us.

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Jacqueline Hooton

Tutor and assessor, Jacqueline Hooton has a fierce passion for fitness and overall wellness after changing her hobby into a career 15 years ago.

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James Gregory

Training and discipline have been a part of James’s life since he was 12 years old. So a career in fitness was inevitable. Read his story here.

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Marian Rolls

Marian teaches a range of classes and loves working with people starting out in the industry, both as gym instructors and class teachers.

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Katie Gallagher

Future Fit's Katie Gallagher loves educating people about how their body moves and how to work it in a safe and effective way. Read her interview here.

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Robert White

Robert has been involved in competitive sport since a young age, playing football to a high level and representing school and county at cross country.

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Simon Currie

Simon re-qualified as a teacher with a view to teaching catering courses but fell in love with fitness and qualified as a fitness instructor.

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Heather Oakes School of Personal Training

Heather has experience in every aspect of the fitness industry from lifeguard to swimming instructor, studio instructor to fitness manager.

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Noel Hayden

After being involved with sports from an early age, Noel had a ‘mid-life crisis’ and decided to combine his hobbies and career and moved to into the fitness industry.

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Jeanette Wilkinson

Jeanette started as a group exercise instructor in 2009, from never really liking sports at school to absolutely falling in love with classes as an adult, this was her gateway to an ever-expanding and successful career in the fitness industry.

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