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About Wild Training






Wild Training started in 2010 with one personal trainer. The business is still run by personal trainers. We don’t have a sales team. We don’t do a lot of marketing around selling our career to trainers. We don’t have silent investors seeking the highest profit possible. This business didn’t start as any sort of franchise, but pretty quickly other personal trainers wanted to be a part of the Wild Training team and be able to do the training we do, use the equipment we use… and achieve the success that we have. That’s why we developed the Wild Training career licenses.


Our focus, as always, is on what we deliver for our members. That focus is what has given us and all of our Wild Training licensed personal trainer’s successful businesses. To make sure all licensed Wild Trainers deliver the best training and experience for their members we built a support and training system from the ground up. Based on practical experience, knowledge, skills and strategy that personal trainers really need to stand apart from other personal trainers, and to make a successful career for themselves in the fitness industry. . Every trainer we have ever accepted to join Wild Training has underestimated this support. We deliver 4 hours of practical face to face training and 4 hours of online video based learning every month as well as hundreds of documents on business strategy, marketing, programming, equipment, nutrition and more.

We don’t sign you in for a year and ask for loads of money up front. That would be challenging to manage in your first year and the amount of information and training we would want you to have to make that year a success might even be overwhelming for some trainers. Over the years working we’ve simplified what we do by splitting our licenses up in to 4 different products. This means that we can assess trainers at each level before they go on to the next Wild Training license. Not every trainer that goes through the process will be suitable for the next license. We aren’t interested in having hundreds of average Wild Trainers. We only want to work with personal trainers willing to put the work in to become exceptional. Who wants to be part of team average anyway?




Wild Training 4 month start license

Everything you need to launch a successful Wild Training business and grow a large client base through our Wild In The Park outdoor classes.

Wild Training year 1 license

Access to even more of our regular training with the focus on developing your personal training skills to significantly increase your earnings.

Wild Training year 2 license

This is where we help you build a network of personal trainers around you to enable you to grow your client base even more and make the step to having your own facility less of a jump.

Wild Training Gym license

For our top trainers that use all the previous Wild Training resources effectively they get our financial support to launch their own Wild Training gym based on our already successful model. These trainers will earn well over £100,000 profit each year.

This is a 4 step career plan that ensures that personal trainers are given the opportunity to achieve whatever level of success they want, while allowing us to protect the Wild Training brand and ensure we maintain the reputation for excellence that we have.

Please see below a range of support on offer to our Personal Trainers.

Wild Training 4 Month Starter License Package

  • 5 x Parallettes, 5 x Titan Bags, 5 x 38mm Battling ropes, 6 x 8kg Kettlebells
  • Business Skills and PT Sales Training webinar
  • Wild In The Park group exercise programs (phase 1 and phase 2)
  • Wild Journey Lifestyle coaching system
  • Wild Training foundation learning for nutrition, goal specific training, movement based programming, Octagon tri-planar system basics.

Wild Training Business Support Package

  • Access to the Wild Business resources giving you all the documents and manuals you need for day to day running of your Wild Training business.
  • Secondary sales program giving you access to big discounts from Solomon, Physical Company,
  • Your own direct debit system
  • Advice on organizing your accounts and tax
  • 20% discount on public liability insurance with Insure 4 sport.

Wild Training Marketing Package

  • Wild Training Uniform from Legacy Sportswear
  • Wild Training marketing pack. Business cards, flyers and flag.
  • 10% off your first marketing order.
  • Access to the Wild Training click to print online marketing suite.
  • Online website profile
  • Online class booking system
  • Your own 0845 telephone number
  • Social Media exposure through the Wild Training network
  • Wild Training specific social media manual
  • Launch and ongoing marketing strategy based on what we know works for Wild Training
  • Access to all Wild Training marketing material, imagery and promotional videos


Nationwide UK


OTE £25 – 50K location specific


Level 3 personal trainer. Previous experience of being self-employed is beneficial. To work with Wild Training you need an open mind, a positive attitude and a proper work ethic.


Send Wild Training your CV and a cover letter about you and what you want to achieve. The first thing we will do is invite you to come and train with us. We don’t want to hide down the other end of a phone or on email. This is all about training so we want you to come and experience Wild Training, talk to our members and see for yourself the passion we bring to the job.

Please email us now on

Quote the following within your email or cover letter: “As you are aware, Wild Training and the Future Fit School of Personal Training have a mutually beneficial ongoing agreement that all diploma graduates should get an interview with you”.

Please note: you will need to take your relevant course certificate(s) to the interview as proof that you trained with the Future Fit School of Personal Training.