About Future Fit Training

We aim to drive up standards within the industry by exciting, supporting and inspiring our students to become better health & fitness professionals.

Who we are

Future Fit Training was founded in 1993 out of the passion to create better qualified fitness professionals. Throughout the past 24 years we have been driven by this ideal while continuously reacting to the needs and trends of the industry.

Through our dedication and commitment to deliver a high quality training experience, we aim to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity through continuous improvement. We provide budding and existing professionals with the skills and knowledge to enable them to become the best in their field.

Quality assured

Quality is what drives our organisation. We are motivated by a desire to create high calibre, well trained fitness professionals and pride ourselves on quality being at the core of everything we do.

Delivering quality training means providing training and assessment that is right for the student and the industry. And to us, that is training that is delivered over time, culminating in rigorous real life assessments. We are therefore incredibly proud to be the first and only health and fitness training provider to achieve BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation. 

Our dedicated schools

Our three Schools are designed to ensure that our students receive the best possible expertise in their chosen disciplines. Their learning environments are closely tailored to their needs and include all the tools and resources necessary to become the best in their field. The result is highly trained, industry ready professionals who have experienced a cohesive and immersive training environment.

Our business strategy focusses on the continual development of the schools as centres of excellence. They enable us to offer outstanding tuition and benefits to our learners and, in turn, their employers and clients. 

Award-Winning Training

Future Fit Training have been awarded ukactive's "Training Provider of the Year" award for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017.

The “Training Provider of the Year” award celebrates the company which best supports the development and delivery of high quality skills and education services within the fitness industry and demonstrates high quality and impact in their training.

Over 20 years’ experience in creating over 30,000 elite fitness professionals

Start your course with us, and you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve made the best possible choice. Our vast experience, knowledge and expertise of the fitness industry and delivering training programmes means you will receive outstanding education, support and advice.

Quality Assured – ISO 9001 Registered

Customer focus is at the centre of everything we do and our constant aim is to provide a level of service that is second to none.

We are the first, and remain the only, health and fitness training provider to achieve ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation with the British Standards Institution (BSI). This means we are 100% committed to meeting the needs of our students and our management systems are regularly audited to ensure that we maintain the high level of customer service required by this international standard.

All of our courses are accredited by external bodies such as: REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) and VTCT.

Designed to fit around your life

Our courses comprise either face-to-face practical workshops held over one or more weekends, self-study e-learning courses or a combination of the two. This means you can continue to work and earn while studying to become a personal trainer, Pilates instructor or nutrition adviser, unlike full-time training courses.

94% of our students are extremely happy with their experience on our practical courses and 96% totally satisfied with our e-learning courses.

We promise to support you at every step of the way, throughout your training and beyond.

The creation of quality fitness professionals has always been paramount to us. Before our launch in 1993, there was a clear need for better training, higher standards and for more consistency and value in qualifications across the industry as a whole. So, Future Fit Training was born with the mission to educate and create fitness professionals who would thrive in the fitness industry and raise the standards throughout gyms and health clubs across the UK.

Now, over 24 years later, we are firmly established as one of the leading fitness training providers for high quality health and fitness training in the UK, and we have never lost sight of what is most important - you, our students! 

The support you need when you need it

We promise to help you choose the training programme that’s right for you, try to answer all your questions and offer you expert advice on what it takes to become a personal trainer, Pilates teacher or nutrition adviser.

Once you begin training, your tutors will be there for you, giving you every encouragement and guiding you through your studies until you qualify. Our students award our tutors 5.7 out of 6 for their high standards in course delivery and our Student Support team ensure you have everything you need to make your training journey a smooth one. Even after hours, you can still keep your training on track by using your personalised Student Zone.

And even once your training is over, we’ll provide you with continuing support, as you put your qualifications to use in your chosen career or hobby.

Affordable training

Choosing to study with us not only gives you the best value for money, it’s the most affordable way to qualify.

  • We offer low prices
  • We let you pay for your training in a way that suits you, e.g.:
     -  in full up-front
     -  by deposit plus the balance at a later date that you choose
     -  by deposit followed by regular low monthly instalments, spread over a period of up to two years (depending on which diploma you select)

Find out more about Easy Ways to Pay

Get off to a flying start training with Future Fit

As a Future Fit graduate you’ll already have the advantage of our industry reputation and credibility, plus the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve been trained by the best.

In addition you’ll have access to a wide range of advice, support and resources to help your application stand out or to set up your own business venture.

  • 1st UK fitness training provider to be ISO 9001 registered by the British Standards Institute
  • FREE unlimited support throughout your training, worth over £2,000 from our dedicated team
  • 100% guarantee for all our students to be offered an interview with a major gym chain on completion of their training

Training for a new career is a big investment and as with all things in life you tend to get what you pay for.

We make it easy and affordable for you to achieve your dream career without compromising on the quality of your learning experience or even more importantly, your future career.

If you would like to spread the cost of your course, just tell us how much you can afford each month and we’ll look to find a payment plan which is tailored to suit your needs.

Your dream career could be more affordable than you think! Below are some standard options available to pay for your course.

  • Pay as you learn
     -  Lowest deposit - start training from only £175
     -  Spread your payments over a number of months to suit your budget
     -  Benefit from our lowest ever monthly payments
  • Pay a deposit then settle the balance
  • Pay in full
  • Pay using a Professional Career Development Loan

We offer other ways to fund your training and we also accept ELCAS for Armed Forces personnel. Please contact us for further information.

  • Don't be fooled by companies offering cheaper, diluted training which you might live to regret
  • Simply let us know how much you can afford and our careers advisers will work out a payment plan to suit you

Future Fit Training offers a wide range of fitness courses throughout the UK. Wherever you live you will not be too far away from a Future Fit Training centre.

Bring theory to life

You will experience first-hand the working environment of the fitness professional and the industry you will join. Within the industry there are a diverse range of facilities ranging from the more traditional gym and studio venue to those housing the latest technology and equipment. At Future Fit Training we work hard to ensure that the venue you visit for your course will provide the resources you need to bring the theory you have learned to life.

Reputable centres with good transport links

We use reputable health and fitness centres in a number of locations all serviced by good transport links. All of our venues pass a strict audit to ensure they provide the perfect environment for your practical learning and we are recruiting new venues all the time.

Visit our venues page to find your closest Personal Training course or Pilates Training qualification centre.

In the best tradition of many leading academic institutions, some of our courses are delivered to you online.

E-learning means using a computer to deliver part or all of a course. E-learning content can include text, images, animation, audio and video and is now an integral method of teaching students all over the globe. Some of the reasons why this has become a popular way of studying and of delivering course content are given, below.

Accommodates multiple learning styles

Every e-learning module has been carefully written to suit a variety of learning styles with  professionally written distance learning materials, which use a variety of delivery methods geared to different learners such as audio, visual and kinaesthetic, thus making the module more effective for certain learners. Of course, if you still have any questions, you can always contact our Distance Learning team!

It’s more cost effective

Because you can study from home, overall student costs are also likely to be less (accommodation, food, child care, travel), and you don’t have to worry about the potential loss of earnings from taking time off work.

It’s self-paced

The e-learning programme can be taken when needed and sped up or slowed down as necessary.

The lesson format allows you to go through smaller chunks of training that can be used and absorbed for a while before moving on.

It works around time constraints

Each module has been formatted into bite-sized lessons giving you the option to stop and start your training to suit your own time commitments.

It can work from any location and any time

You can access sessions anywhere, anytime. All you need is a computer, meaning you can learn around your family or work commitments.

It can lead to a stronger grasp on the subject

This is because of the many elements that are combined in e-learning to reinforce the message, such as video, audio, quizzes and interaction. There is also the ability to revisit or replay sections of the training that might not have been clear the first time around.

Increased learning capacity and concentration

The neural systems in the brain that control attention and store information tire very quickly and consequently seek other stimulation (i.e. attention is lost). They recover pretty quickly generally, so the training programme has been designed to work with this quick fatigue/boredom pattern to ensure you learn effectively.

Gauge your progress

Interactive, on-going, online activities, test your knowledge and understanding at the end of each section. You will receive immediate feedback about your progress and at the end of your learning.

Lots of fun

The use of images, sound, video, text and quizzes add variety to the learning material, keeping you interested, thus making learning easier.

Try it for yourself

Below you will find short demonstrations of a course from each school that can be studied via e-learning. They have been expertly designed to ease you into your studies and we trust you will find them highly stimulating, interactive and fun! 

As with all industries, there are regulatory bodies, awarding bodies and registers for the fitness industry to ensure adherence to national industry standards.  These are the companies we work with.

Chartered Institute


The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA)

Launched in 2011, CIMSPA is the professional development body for the UK’s sport, fitness and physical activity sector and has been awarded chartered status by the Privy Council. CIMSPA provides leadership, support and empowerment for professionals working in sport and physical activity and is the strategic lead for professional development in the sector.

CIMSPA has been tasked by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), backed by Sport England and employers, with leading the sport and physical activity sectors workforce development programme. This will be achieved by creating a clear and rigorous set of employer-led standards for all sport and exercise professionals, with a similar clear and rigorous system for assessment, awarding and validating qualifications.

CIMSPA is recognised as the authoritative, single unified voice for the sector by government departments, key agencies and partners, including Sport England, Public Health England, ukactive, Sport and Recreation Alliance, Sporta and cCLOA. The institute has membership options for everyone working in, or interested in working in, the sport and physical activity world – from student and apprentice through to service director and CEO. CIMSPA already provides a route to chartered status for those working in leisure operations, and is developing similar routes for the whole of the sector.

Regulatory Bodies

Skills Active

Skills Active

Skills Active ensures that the courses we run adhere to the national industry standards developed and monitored by Skills Active.  These standards, agreed by experts, employers, training providers and awarding organisations detail the knowledge, competence and skills required to carry out specific roles in the industry. Skills Active is also responsible, as the owner and operator of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), for running the Endorsement System.  This system ensures that courses are allocated appropriate CPD points and that they are regularly evaluated by means of an EQA (External Quality Assurance) service.


The Register of Exercise Professionals


The Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) is owned and managed by Skills Active. It is the recognised independent national register of exercise and fitness professionals in the UK.  Its role ensures both the general public and employers have a means of checking the qualifications of their fitness professionals. Future Fit Training is a founder member of REPs.

Membership of REPs enables fitness professionals to prove they have attained an industry recognised level of skill, knowledge and competence in their chosen field of expertise. Membership is renewed annually and is conditional on members keeping their qualifications up-to-date via continuing professional development.  Future Fit Training provides a wide range of accredited qualifications and CPD courses to support entry onto the register and development of its members.

Awarding Organisations


VTCT, Vocational Training Charitable Trust

VTCT, is a Government-approved awarding organisation that has awarded world class qualifications since 1962 and has been at the forefront of developing the vocational system of qualifications in the United Kingdom ever since.

If you need further information on the awarding body for your chosen course, please contact us.

Industry Organisations

UK Active Member


ukactive is a not-for-profit body comprised of members and partners from across the UK active lifestyle sector. Members represent the full spectrum of the activity sector, from local leisure centres to multinational brands, from facility operators to activity providers working out of community centres. Their membership amounts of over 3,500 organisations and spreads the length and breadth of the UK.

British Standards Institute

British Standards Institute

Our Quality Management System within Future Fit Training is accredited to ISO 9000, so every part of our business meets the highest known standards.

We are registered to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard by BSI, the UK’s national standards body, which regularly audits our processes and systems to ensure compliance to the standard.

We set our own internal standards higher than those demanded by BSI. Our Quality team, comprising the most experienced and highly qualified teachers, makes regular inspection visits to all of our venues, monitoring all of our tutors and every type of course.

Government Organisations

Career Transition Partnership

Career Transition Partnership

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is the official provider of Armed Forces resettlement. It’s a partnering agreement between the Ministry of Defence and Right Management Ltd, who are global career development and outplacement specialists and part of the ManpowerGroup.

The CTP provides resettlement services for those leaving the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and Marines. They also operate as an intermediary service for employers wishing to hire Service leavers.


Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC)

The MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) is an initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. The ELC scheme provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years.

ELC funding is only available for pursuit of higher level learning i.e. for courses that result in a nationally recognised qualification at Level three or above on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) (England and Wales), a Level six or above on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) or, if pursued overseas, an approved international equivalent qualification.

Future Fit Training has sustained a reputation for high quality training development and delivery across two decades by making sure we employ the right people to join our hard working team.

Through careful selection and recruitment we not only find people with the right skills, expertise and qualifications to deliver our strategic objectives, we find those with the ability to make a positive contribution to our values and aims.

We strive to:

  • Employ talented individuals whose creativity will contribute to achieving the company's objectives
  • Communicate expectations in all aspects of employment, including performance
  • Value diversity and assure equal employment opportunity
  • Be a workplace where relationships are based on mutual respect
  • Treat all employees and customers in a professional, non-discriminatory manner
  • Provide safe, effective working conditions
  • Provide competitive terms and conditions
  • Provide a friendly and helpful team environment

Future Fit Training employs more than 80 people, half of which are based at our head office in Fareham, and the other half being remote workers and members of our tutor team.

Current Vacancies

PT and Pilates Tutors

We are currently looking for several PT and Pilates based tutor positions to cover the following areas:

  • London
  • South East England
  • Scotland

These positions require weekend work and would include some Fridays. You would need experience in teaching PT or Pilates based training on a regular basis.

Qualifications required:

  • Relevant industry qualifications (such as Level 3 Pilates, PT or Exercise Referral)
  • A minimum of 2 years’ current instructing experience in the fitness industry
  • A teaching qualification (such as PTTLS/AET or equivalent)
  •  An assessing qualification (A1 or equivalent) or be prepared to achieve this within 6 months of employment
  • CIMSPA Practitioner level or Level 3 REPs status

For more information on this role, download the Job Spec.

If you think you meet our criteria, please email us with your CV and covering letter. 

There’s a lot to consider, and you’re bound to have some questions. We’d love to hear from you, but you might just find the answer here: Click on your question from the list below:

How recognised is my course?

The qualification you’ll receive at the end of your course will be awarded by VTCT. Our courses are also fully REPs and CIMSPA approved.
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What is REP’s?

The Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) is a government backed system of self-regulation for all instructors, coaches, trainers and teachers involved in the exercise and fitness industry. Registration is achieved and maintained through qualifications and training programmes that are nationally recognised and are linked to the National Occupational Standards for exercise and fitness. For more information go to www.exerciseregister.org.
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What is CIMSPA?

Launched in 2011, the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) is the professional development body for the UK’s sport, fitness and physical activity sector and has been awarded chartered status by the Privy Council. CIMSPA provides leadership, support and empowerment for professionals working in sport and physical activity and is the strategic lead for professional development in the sector.

CIMSPA has been tasked by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), backed by Sport England and employers, with leading the sport and physical activity sectors workforce development programme. This will be achieved by creating a clear and rigorous set of employer-led standards for all sport and exercise professionals, with a similar clear and rigorous system for assessment, awarding and validating qualifications.

CIMSPA is recognised as the authoritative, single unified voice for the sector by government departments, key agencies and partners, including Sport England, Public Health England, ukactive, Sport and Recreation Alliance, Sporta and cCLOA. The institute has membership options for everyone working in, or interested in working in, the sport and physical activity world – from student and apprentice through to service director and CEO. CIMSPA already provides a route to chartered status for those working in leisure operations, and is developing similar routes for the whole of the sector. For more information go to www.cimspa.co.uk.

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What is CPD?

To maintain REPs membership, members will need to earn 24 CPD points every 24 months. CIMSPA members require 10 points per year.

Points can be gained through relevant qualifications, awards and courses. The great news is that many Future Fit Training modules will award you with these vital REPs and CIMSPA CPD credits – click the Health & Fitness Courses link to see what courses you can take.

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Are your qualifications internationally recognised?

Our qualifications are recognized by employers internationally and students can also work abroad with REPs and EREPs recognition. For further information please check out the REPs and EREPs websites.
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How long will the course take?/ How many hours should I study for per week?

We would ask how much time can you dedicate to your study? The more time available, the quicker you can complete your course/diploma. If you don’t have lots of time, we advise taking it step-by-step.

What is the price and how can I pay?

It depends which diploma/course you are looking at enrolling on. We would encourage you to look at each of the diplomas/courses to ensure it is the right course for you. Go to School of Nutrition, School of Pilates and School of Personal Training.

All of our diplomas and courses can be paid for in a variety of affordable ways. Go to funding your course for more information about how to pay for your training.
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Does Future Fit Training offer funding?

As well as giving you a choice of ways to pay to suit your circumstances and current commitments, we also accept Professional and Career Development Loans and students funded under the MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS). Call us today and find out more on the numbers at the top of this page.
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Do I pay for the courses in full when I book?

With Future Fit Training you can pay for your course in full, or choose from an affordable and flexible payment scheme to suit you. You can pay a deposit and then the balance, Pay as You Learn, pay by Company invoice or finance through OMNI. Go to funding you course for more information about Future Fit Training payment options.
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Are there any disadvantages to paying by instalments?

When paying by instalments you must ensure that you have banked enough in advance to cover the cost of the next course you wish to study in your diploma.
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Do you price match?

No. Our prices are very competitive and you will receive more than just qualifications. In comparison, looking at the content of our courses and diplomas compared to others, we are confident that the quality and number of courses we offer outweigh those of other training providers.
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How do I know you’re the best training provider for my course?

  • we have over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry
  • we have been voted ukactive's Training Provider of the Year for 2016 & 2017
  • we are ISO 9001:2015 registered by the British Standards Institute
  • we offer you affordable and flexible payment options
  • our flexible training format allows you to train at your own pace and in your own time
  • you will receive unlimited support throughout your training
  • our team of experienced and highly qualified tutors make your training rewarding and fun
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How old do I have to be to take a course with you?

The minimum age to take a Future Fit Training course is 16 years old. Many Gyms will also accept applicants of this age, however, please be aware that if you are planning to work outside of clubs or leisure centres as a Personal Trainer, an Exercise to Music Instructor or a Pilates Teacher, you may not be eligible for the required insurance until you are 18 years old or over.

For more information on course entry requirements and admissions please contact one of our Careers Advisers, who will be happy to answer any of your questions.
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I have a sports science/dance degree can I miss out any elements?

Students who have previously completed Sports Science or Dance degrees do seem to have an advantage when it comes to studying as there are some elements that they may have touched on in their degree.

Contact our Career Advisers on the numbers at the top of this page and we can discuss your prior qualifications.
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Can I complete the PT course in 6 weeks?/Does Future Fit Training offer intensive courses?

No. We do not offer intensive courses. Our graduates are recognised as being the best in the industry because we prepare students to do more than just pass a qualification. However, you can also set your own training hours and you will be qualified to work in the industry as soon as you successfully pass each module/assessment
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I’m having problems with my shopping basket, what should I do?

If you're having any technical issues with your shopping basket call us on the numbers at the top of this page to book your course with a Career Adviser. The office is open Monday to Thursday 09:00 to19:00 and Friday 09:00 to 17:00.
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Do you give me support for my online programmes?

Yes, our extensive Technical Support Team are on hand by phone and email to answer any questions that you may have about your training to ensure you are always fully supported and on track.
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What kind of equipment do I need for the online part of my course?

We are pleased to say that all of our courses will run on Windows-based PCs and are now fully compatible with Apple Macs and iPads. We test our courses in a range of browsers but for best results we recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome.
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Is there a deadline to complete my training?

Each individual module within your training programme has a specific deadline or time-frame of completion that must be achieved in order to pass. This is 3 years from when you purchased. The aim of the deadlines are to encourage you to succeed and ensure that you become qualified.
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Can I take a break from my training if I need to?

Many of our students complete a module then choose to take a study break before continuing to the next one.

If there comes a time when you feel you need a break in your studies this can be arranged by contacting our team of Training Coordinators on the numbers at the top of this page, who will be able to guide you through your options.

(Please note that extension or deferral fees may be applicable and if you are paying by instalments these must still be paid as agreed).
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What happens if I fail my assessments?

In the unfortunate event that you fail an assessment, don't worry, we will fully support you to get back on track with your training and do our utmost to ensure your reassessment is a success. Reassessments may be subject to a small fee - speak to a training co-ordinator to find out more.
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When will I receive my certificates?

Once you have completed your course(s) you will receive your certificate within 6-8 weeks of completion.
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Does Future Fit Training offer guaranteed interviews once I qualify?

Within the School of Personal Training we have teamed up with some respected companies to make your move from student to fitness professional even easier. Take a look at what they have to offer here. Many offer guaranteed interviews to our PT diploma graduates for available positions as fitness instructors, studio based instructors and personal trainers on completion of your relevant training programme.

We also have some great tips here, to help with writing a successful CV, preparing for an interview, or getting your new career or business venture moving in the right direction.
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How much will I earn as a PT/Pilates instructor?

Your earnings after qualifying will vary depending on location and what you teach.

As a guide, you should be looking at a rate of approximately £30-£50 per hour working as a Personal Trainer and £35-£50 as a 1-to-1 Pilates teacher (£30-£40 teaching classes in a gym).
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Your future starts here...