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Success Stories: Lee Latchford Evans

Lee Latchford Evans, a former member of the pop group "Steps", chose to study his Personal Training Diploma with Future Fit Training. Here he explains why.

Where did your initial interest in fitness come from?

I've been interested in training and exercise for many years now, and throughout the years of my life (so far) I've taken many paths from studying Anatomy, Craft Design Technology, Art and Science to Dance, Music and Acting. I've had many jobs from working in the retail industry to bar work. I was once a milkman, worked with The Royal Shakespeare Company and helped to teach children’s musical theatre.

I'm known today as a former member of a very successful British pop group named Steps and more recently I have just finished filming 2 independent British feature films and I’m currently working with my new Rock band The Latch. It’s funny how life tends to turn full circle and I'm finding that happening to myself right now. I've always been fit and active and I train 4 times a week. I'm currently training for a triathlon event at my local fitness centre, my trainer said to me that I would be a good teacher and was I interested? I have to be honest, it’s something that has interested me for many years, I can’t think of many other things in life that are more rewarding than helping somebody reach their goal, be it tone up muscle, shed a few pounds and generally become fitter and healthier.

Why Future Fit?

So I said to myself it’s now or never, I searched the web and came across lots of fitness websites, I didn't really know where to start as becoming a qualified PT or exercise to music teacher was all a little foreign to me. One company did stand out from the rest and that was Future Fit Training!

They sent me a fully illustrated Prospectus, did not hassle me to join with them and the fact that they provide all the reading and study guides you need as well as a DVD definitely won me over from all the rest. I'm a busy person and don't have the time to travel around finding books and waiting for hours to download pages and pages of material off the web, also I don't have the time to go back to school as my working hours being a performer are all over the place so the home study idea really is perfect.

I must say since joining Future Fit Training they have been nothing but supportive and in contact with me at least twice a month checking I'm up to date with work and making sure I understand the material and have all I need. The home tutors and distance learning coaches are very helpful and the online Student Zone is a great idea especially with the mock exam tests.

I'm taking my Total Immersion Diploma and really enjoying it, and looking forward to meeting everyone and maybe teaching you all soon

My current role

I've recently become a Pro. Cycling Instructor, another string to the fitness bow, so it’s onwards and upwards for me, fingers crossed.