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Success Stories: Michelle Allen

If you have a passion for fitness, go for it! Being able to inspire others is extremely rewarding. The Future Fit School of Pilates has an excellent support team, who keep in contact with you. You never feel alone whilst trying to reach your goal. (Thanks Lizzie!)

Why did you choose a career in fitness?

My name is Michelle Allen. I’m 32, live in Cambridgeshire and this is my journey…

Ever since I lost 5 stone in weight, I’ve had an obsession with keeping fit. I now understand the benefits of exercise and its great feeling to reach your fitness goals. After losing the weight I managed to pluck up the courage to join a local netball team and after a couple of years and I set up a team with some friends. It also spurred me on to learn how to become an umpire.

During my netball years, I felt like I need to do something that complemented the sport, as my muscles and back ached and that’s how I got into Pilates.

I still remember my first ever Pilates class in 2005 and the positive feeling it gave me. Not only was it good for the body, but good for the mind too! It was such a popular class; it became addictive to me and the other students. From that point I always had it in my mind I wanted to work in fitness.

Why the Future Fit School of Pilates?

It wasn’t until I was 30 that I woke up and thought ‘the time is now!’ I found Future Fit Training online and I became instantly impressed with the prospectus. It gave me a great impression of what it was going to take to become a Pilates Instructor.

Since starting my Pilates course in October 2010, I have had such a positive experience with the Future Fit School of Pilates team. You always get the full support of your training co-ordinator (thanks Sam!) and the course instructors have a wealth of experience. Each course I attended was fun and memorable. I made some great friends along the way.

My current role

I set up my own Pilates Matwork company called Spiritus Turtle. I have 7 community classes and 2 gym-based classes. I find it such a rewarding job, as every single student has a journey. Knowing that I can give my students an opportunity to make a positive difference is something that inspires me to keep going. I have also completed Future Fit’s Pre- and Post-Natal course and I felt it was an ideal progression after the Pilates Diploma.

My future

I have a 5-year business plan in which I want to open my own studio. It’s going to take some hard work but I know as long as I keep learning and stay current within the industry, it’s achievable.