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Success Stories: Alistair Barnet

Nutrition is the base plate to achieving my goal.

Where did your initial interest in Fitness and Nutrition come from?

My initial interest in fitness and nutrition started when I was serving in the army. After leaving the army I started using my local gym to maintain my fitness levels. While I was there I saw two members of the gym training to compete in an upcoming bodybuilding show. After watching them for some time I saw their level of dedication and felt truly inspired. This started my desire and interest in bodybuilding. I discussed my interests with the owner of the gym, who had been a bodybuilder for over 20 years, and we worked out a nutrition and training program to suit me.

Why Future Fit?

I chose Future Fit because this was the only company I could find that would accept MOD's Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS).

My current role

I did this course for my own interest I didn't want to make a career out of it, but I soon found that gym members would ask me for advice on nutrition and others wanted a full nutritional plan. We would have a chat about their goals, likes and dislikes and together we built a nutrition plan to suit them.

My future

At present time I’m happy as I am but who knows I might start running my own nutrition and weight management classes.

My top student tips

Nutrition is the base plate to achieving any goal. So my top tip would be once your nutrition is correct then every thing else will be easier to achieve.