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Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Management

This is a specialist course that allows you to grow your business by accepting more specialist clients with obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions.


2 Level 4 Certificates in Obesity Specialist and Metabolic Conditions Specialist

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10 CIMSPA Points

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Transcend Awards

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Course Overview

The course has been designed to develop students’ theoretical knowledge and practical skills in exercise prescription for people with obesity, diabetes and associated metabolic conditions.

This course is ideal for Exercise Referral qualified instructors who are looking to move into specialist exercise prescription. You will gain an in depth knowledge around diabetes, obesity and associated conditions aligning with the latest CIMSPA recommendations for working with longer-term conditions.

You will cover level 4 A & P in relation to the conditions, alongside psychological considerations & theoretical exercise prescription.

Entry requirements

Learners are required to have a Level 3 Exercise referral qualification to complete this qualification.This is a Future Fit requirement as the practical elements are delivered through our Exercise Referral course.

Awarding bodies

Certificates awarded by Transcend Awards.

Included Qualifications

  • Transcend Level 4 Certificate in the Design and Delivery of Physical Activity Programmes for People with Long-term Conditions [Obesity Specialist]
  • Transcend Level 4 Certificate in the Design and Delivery of Physical Activity Programmes for People with Long-term Conditions [Metabolic Conditions Specialist]

Included Training

This course will increase your awareness and understanding of obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions. You will gain a thorough grounding in the psychology, social factors, and pathophysiology associated with the conditions, as well as how to work with a specialist team to help with screening and prescribing effective exercises.

Obesity and Diabetes Course In Action

What you'll learn

Understanding the pathophysiology of obesity, diabetes and associated conditions

This includes the disease progression and complications associated with obesity, diabetes, and associated conditions (metabolic syndrome, hyper/hypothyroidism, dyslipidaemia, hypercholesterolemia)

Understanding contributing factors

This includes understanding how factors such as genetic, hormones and lifestyle can impact the risks of obesity and diabetes to individuals and communities. You will also learn the importance of diet as a contributing factor such as nutritional intake, energy balance, and appetite mechanisms.

Understanding practices for assessment

This includes having an understanding of the physical and psychological assessments of clients during screenings and consultations, how to work as part of a multidisciplinary team in the management of metabolic conditions, and how to prescribe general exercises to suit clients.

Understanding current strategies

This includes understanding current strategies around weight management, including information from NICE, PHE, and NHS. This module will also give you an understanding of the psychosocial aspects of the conditions and the behaviour change strategies to use.

Learning & Assessment

This course is taught and assessed 100% online, allowing you the flexibility to study at a pace that suits you from the comfort of your own home. This course consists if 8 weeks of e-learning. After this, you will be able to submit a workbook for assessment.

The course is formatted into bite-size lessons giving you the opportunity to start and stop training to suit your commitments. The course consists of fully interactive online tutorials supported by downloadable resources, all designed to suit a wide range of learning styles.

Assessment Methods

The Transcend assessment is a workbook format to be completed and submitted within 4 weeks of E-learning completion


Training & Study
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Online Training Practical Workshops
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Enhance Your Career

This is a specialised course that allows you to grow your training business by accepting more specialist clients. You will be able to accept referrals from healthcare professionals subsequent to their initial assessment (such as from dieticians, GPs, diabetic nurses etc.)

The typical salary for a position such as this is £35-£50 per hour privately or within a gym (location dependent) or £18k - £30k NHS based rehabilitation (full-time location dependent)

Obesity and Diabetes Management Specialist Trainer

With this qualification you will be able to:

  • Work as a personal trainer for clients with specific metabolic conditions or obesity
  • Work with specialist clients 1-2-1 or in a group setting
  • Work for either a health facility or for the NHS

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give me support for my online programmes?

Yes, our extensive Tutor Support team are on hand by phone, email and Facebook to answer any questions that you may have about your training to ensure you are always fully supported and on track.

Can I run my own obesity and diabetes management clinic with this level 4 course?

No, but you will be able to work as part of a team of clinical specialists to deliver screening and appropriate exercise programmes to clients.