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What Happens at a Future Fit Workshop?

Future Fit Workshop

With two international titles to her name, retired professional badminton player, Fontaine Wright makes a transition away from professional sport.

Now embarking on a new career, we head behind-the-scenes with Fontaine and tutor Ben Finning to discover exactly what it takes to achieve a Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification.

Future Fit Training offers a wide range of fitness courses throughout the UK. Wherever you live you will not be too far away from a Future Fit Training centre.

All of our workshops are run by qualified fitness professionals who will provide you with the skills and practical knowledge to set yourself apart from competition.

Watch our video to go behind-the-scenes of a Future Fit workshop with Fontain Wright...

Key Points

  • Take a backseat view in the gym as Fontaine follows Future Fit tutor Ben Finning
  • Learn about the format of the Gym Instructor course
  • Explore a mixture of practical and theoretical elements
  • Discover Fontaine‚Äôs fitness aspirations as she makes the transition away from professional sport
I was working with an amazing bunch of people who were from all walks of life. It was also brilliant to be around people who were passionate about health and fitness.

Fontaine Mica Wright

Winning two international titles and representing England over 30 times, Fontaine competed as a professional badminton player. Fontaine was the highest ranked player for almost five consecutive years, before having to retire due to lack of funding and injury.