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The Advanced Pilates Repertoire

Pilates Repertoire

Enhance your knowledge of Pilates with 34 original exercises.

Whether your new or experienced, we break down each movement with different adaptations and take a look at the ways to teach exercise.

Each exercise can easily be incorporated into clients programming and this should focus on the postural goals of the individual.

Watch the how-to video delivered by Future Fit tutor Lizzie Tuff here...

Key Points

  • Gain an understanding of the 34 original exercises
  • Discover how to break down each movement
  • Enhance your knowledge of Pilates
  • Learn about the different adaptations of the exercises
  • Take a look at ways to teach each exercise

I believe each teacher has a unique approach to Pilates and needs to be encouraged to allow their style to grow. Working from a strong fundamental programme of study and self-practise, each teacher can develop and bring their own personal touch which in turn allows the public to experience Pilates in a variety of ways. - Lizzie Tuff

Lizzie Tuff

Lizzie Tuff has over 13 years of experience in the fitness industry. She currently teaches and assesses Pilates at all levels and has been a tutor with Future Fit Training since 2008.