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What 400+ reviews say about Future Fit Courses

Understanding which training course is right for you is a daunting task, even for the most experienced student. But it doesn’t have to be like that, when you can read reviews from real students.

We have recently passed the mark of 400 reviews and have analysed all of them. They come from trusted partners – 424 reviews from TrustPilot and 21 from Google. We have analysed all of them to see what students think of our courses and how they have used these courses for their career.

Here are the highlights: we are going to be 100% honest and transparent, and share the best 4 and 2 least favorite things about Future Fit Training, plus the top reasons our students think you should (and should not) start enrolling in Future Fit courses.

The 4 best things about Future Fit Training Courses (based on reviews from 2017 to 2020)

Ok, let’s start with the good reviews, we have noticed the following positive trends:

1- Future Fit Training’s tutors are “excellent” and “very knowledgeable”.

2- Future Fit has the “best career advice service” and it’s “improving your confidence”, even for those who are over 30 years old.

3- Future Fit courses are “interesting and excellent” and online courses are “very effective”.

4- The online portal is “user-friendly” and “easy to get in and get out anytime”.

1. Future Fit Training’s tutors are “excellent” and “very knowledgeable”

We have found positive reviews about our tutors as the most common trend.

In this detailed review on TrustPilot, Paige Stainton gives 5 stars and says “amazing course, top tutors, highly recommend”.

5 star review by student paige stainton

Amelia Roberts, in her Google review, notes that “the tutors are always on hand to answer any questions”.

5 star review by student amelia roberts

2. Future Fit has the “best career advice service” and it’s “improving your confidence”, even for those who are over 30 years old.

It’s great that our students find our tutors very knowledgeable and always helpful, but what’s better is how our courses are used to start new careers in personal training and nutrition.

Lindsey was one of our nutrition courses student in 2017 and, in her TrustPilot review is highly recommending Future Fit for a career in nutrition. She enjoyed all the courses and she is happy with the qualifications she has earned.

5 star review by student lindsey

L. is another student of our Nutrition courses and in his TrustPilot review is also saying he is now “confident in offering nutrition advice to his family, friends and clients.”

As for our Personal Training courses, Stuart Gregory said that “Future Fit has given me the skills, knowledge and practical experience to enjoy a successful career”.

5 star review by student stuart gregory

3. Future Fit courses are “interesting and excellent” and online courses are “very effective”.

Career advice and confidence are only one of the reasons our students like and recommend Future Fit. The other aspects related to our courses content are also very well regarded.

Julie Huggard states that “Future Fit courses are informative and very interesting”.

5 star review by student julie huggard

Julie Haggard said she will come back for more information because our courses are science-based, we don’t give advice and recommendations that are not based on scientific facts.

If you think you cannot find the time to study while you work, here is the review of Aurelie Soulier. She was one of our students in Nutrition and she had a full-time job last year, but thanks to our online portal she found easy to complete the Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management on her own time.

5 star review by aureli soulier

4. The online portal is “user-friendly” and “easy to get in and get out anytime”

We offer more than 40 online courses and our learning portal is very highly regarded by our students.

Melanie Mizzi in her TrustPilot review is saying that our online portal is easy to use and very user-friendly.

5 star review by melanie mizzi

The online portal allows you to study at your own pace, even if you have a full-time job. You don’t have to sacrifice your time for family and friends, and you can keep earning money from your job while studying for a new career (or for your own interest in the subject).

2 least favourite things about Future Fit Training (based on reviews from 2017-2018-2019)

1. The online portal can be improved

Out of 258 reviews on TrustPilot (on the time of writing this article), we have found 2 of them that were not so positive about the online courses portal.

Two students were concerned that the online portal wasn’t up to date and needed to be changed.

TC in his TrustPilot review states that “the online learning platform is outdated and boring”.

3 star review by tc

We are aware that our student’s online portal can be outdated, we are always working on ways to make improvements to all of our systems. That’s why we have invested heavily in improving the online portal and we would expect to release the new one within the next 6-8 weeks.

2. Sometimes the information is not relevant

We are the first to acknowledge that Future Fit Training courses need a constant update, especially with the speed new science is developing into new techniques and methods and we always try to be on top of the innovation in every subject. So, some of our students have pointed this out to us as well.

“Some outdated information which needs to be updated”.

Florence Beach is saying that “the training included the Eatwell Plate rather than the Eatwell Guide, which made me wonder which other information wasn't up to date.

3 star review by florence beach

We think these are very valid points: our students should be always updated on the latest content – which is why we always work to update the content of our courses.

Future Fit Training is for you if you:

  • Love sport and nutrition and want to make it your career with a qualified instructor
  • Want to change career into fitness and nutrition but has not the confidence to do so
  • Want to increase your skills in personal training, nutrition and Pilates either for your job or for your own interest
  • Need the most comprehensive and complete training provider, well regarded by employers and clients alike