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Welcoming Lucy Spraggan – Future Fit’s New Ambassador

Welcome, Lucy Spraggan to the Future Fit Family!

Future Fit Training is thrilled to announce that Lucy Spraggan
will be studying with us to become a personal trainer.

Lucy will be training with us in to pursue her goal of helping and inspiring people through
fitness. ‘Doing this qualification with a trusted and reputable company is really important to me’, Lucy said of her training. ‘I don’t want to cut corners, I want to learn as much as possible. And Future Fit do not cut corners’.


Over the last year, Lucy has undergone an incredible transformation, becoming stronger and healthier both mentally and physically. She has since set up her own 6-week fitness programme on her platform Fully ReWired; a programme where she can:

  • inspire people with her workouts
  • help them rethink their relationships with exercise
  • demonstrate workout techniques (focusing on higher and lower options)

This programme will help people push through their fitness fears (what ever they may be) and become healthier and happier in themselves.


When the UK went into lockdown and gyms were closed for a second time, Lucy rolled with the punches and took her passion for running online to develop “Lucy’s Lockdown Run Squad’, a dedicated space where people can join an exclusive group to download exercises and a 4-week fitness guide.


One of the focuses of Lucy’s fitness journey, and what she wants to inspire others to do, has been about control; taking back control over your mind and body and instilling it with healthy, positive energy. Especially over the past year, taking control of your mental and physical health has been a priority for many of us, and Lucy has found a way to bring people together to use fitness as a space for community, as well as well-being.


Taking the first steps on your fitness journey can seem a little daunting, but the benefits of getting healthier and learning new skills will always outweigh the hard work that goes into it.

‘I was a bit worried about what to expect when I started my personal training course with Future Fit’ she said. ‘But after the initial interaction with them, everything felt much
easier. Enrolling in the course is so smooth and seamless – I’ve learnt so much already!’

We are very excited to have Lucy join us as part of the Future Fit Family as such a positive role model of succeeding in whatever you put your mind to.
We wish her the best of luck with her training.

‘Future Fit use the highest standard in all they do. From signing up and communicating with the team, to logging into the StudentZone and starting the work. They keep in touch and make sure you are happy and ready to go – this kind of interaction is so important when you’re entering the unknown.’