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Transform Your Game with Pilates

When you become a Pilates instructor, you go beyond just taking Pilates classes. You will learn how to teach this exercise system efficiently and effectively to help others build body awareness, strengthen their core, rehabilitate injuries, and correct postural imbalances. Teaching Pilates becomes a tool to transform lives!

Pilates changes lives for the better

In addition to helping others change their lives for the better, you can also transform your own. You will learn patience, persistence, and dedication through the art of learning how to become an instructor. It is a powerful process!

You don’t have to come from an athletic background to become a Pilates instructor. Pilates is for everyone, and you can be a role model as an instructor, no matter what your background is. Teaching Pilates is your opportunity to share how Pilates has changed your life- maybe it helped you heal an old injury or perhaps it helped shift you away from a sedentary lifestyle.

However, when you become a Pilates instructor, you have the chance to take charge of your own health and inspire others to do the same! By completing one of our Pilates diploma courses, you will be encouraged to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle as an example for others.

Pilates helps you to become a better communicator and expand your network

Additionally, you will also be challenged to be an effective communicator. Not only will you be guiding your students through the exercises, you must ensure their safety as well. You have to be clear with your verbiage to explain what they are doing with their body so they do it correctly. Otherwise, they could be at risk for injury, may not feel like they are doing the right thing, or may not enjoy your class. You want your students coming back to your class, so you have to be on top of your game.

Another aspect of teaching Pilates is learning to build your network. You will be the face of your class, so be there for your students and interact with other teachers when you can! This will only strengthen your presence and teaching abilities. You may find yourself marketing your classes like you never have before, but the rewards will be worth it.

Become a Pilates instructor with Future Fit Training

At Future Fit Training, we provide you with tools to help you transition into a Pilates career with resources for our students after they complete our course. This includes marketing materials as well as discounts on equipment!

One aspect that we know you will love about our program is its flexibility and accessibility. You can fit the program in around your life – giving you the time you need to comprehend the information and go through your own personal transformation. We offer weekend workshops around the country alongside virtual classroom training that you can do at home or anywhere on your own time.

You can learn to take charge of your life, feel fit and healthy and inspire others to do the same through teaching Pilates. You will learn tools that will develop your character and people skills as well as business skills so that you will be successful, both on and off the mat!

Want to learn more about our Pilates Courses and Qualifications?

Head over to our Pilates teacher qualifications page. Here you can learn the importance of completing an industry recognized program such as ours, our Career Accelerator Package, and how our training will fit your life.